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Maine Educational Opportunity Association

An organization of professional, associate, and program members working together for equitable access to educational opportunities.

Award Winners

text of Dory award

The Dory Award was established in 1995 to recognize MEEOA members with exceptional characteristics (click on the image above to read the text).

Recipients of the Dory Award

1995 - Jerry Ellis
1998 - Alan Parks
2002 - Kristi Pierce
2003 - David Megquier
2005 - Lynn Ploof-Davis
2014 - Sara Henry
2015 - Karen Keim

picture of Al Parks receiving the Dory Award

Al Parks receiving the Dory award in 1998. From L to R: Johannah Burdin, Bridget Mullen, Judy Look, Alan Parks, Maureen Ferriter, Lynn Ploof-Davis.


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