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Maine Educational Opportunity Association
Professional Development Fund
Policies and Procedures


An important goal of the Maine Educational Opportunity Association (MEEOA) is to invest in its members. Therefore, MEEOA has committed to provide financial assistance and support for the professional development of members. These funds will be available for the fiscal year beginning September 1 and ending August 31. The deadline to request new funds is June 30. A request may be fully funded, partially funded or not funded depending on limits stated below. Funding will be considered for one event per fiscal year per individual. The MEEOA Executive Committee anticipates the approval of at least 4 awards of up to $125 each.

Activities which will be considered for funding include:

  1. participation in meetings, symposiums, seminars, or other conferences;
  2. research, study, training, or experience relevant to the member's role within the represented community;
  3. after application deadline, funds remaining may be spent on professional staff development activities benefiting the group as a whole.

Activities which will not be considered include:

  1. undergraduate or graduate courses;
  2. MEEOA sponsored events.

Application Procedure for Professional Staff Development Funds

Any active MEEOA dues paying member may apply for financial support from the MEEOA Executive Committee. The applicant must submit the completed professional development fund application form to the Treasurer of the MEEOA Executive Committee. The Professional Development Fund Application form can be found on the MEEOA website under Information and Resources. Applications should be submitted at least one month before funds need to be allocated. The request will be reviewed at the MEEOA Executive Committee meeting following the receipt of the request. The decision of the MEEOA Executive Committee will be relayed to the applicant in writing.

Registration/Fees may be disbursed to the applicant prior to travel. All other approved funding will be available to the applicant on a reimbursement basis pending the completion of the Expense Voucher-Payment Verification form which is also available on the MEEOA website under Information and Resources. Receipts for all approved activities must be presented.

All approved applicants must report any cancellation or change of plans to the Treasurer of the MEEOA Executive Committee as soon as possible. Any returned or remaining funds shall be returned to the Professional Development Fund and will be available for other applicants.

MEEOA Professional Development Policies & Procedures


Professional Development Fund Application (PDF)

MEEOA Expense Voucher Payment Verification (PDF)