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An organization of professional, associate, and program members working together for equitable access to educational opportunities.

MEEOA Alumni Information Page

This page contains information and links to resources about our outreach to alumni of TRIO programs in Maine.

MEEOA Alumni Directory

If you are an alumnus of a Maine TRIO program and would like to join our alumni directory, please click here.

MEEOA Alumni Awards

We are pleased to announce that nominations are now being accepted for the 2024 MEEOA Alumni Awards (Rising Star, Achiever, and Lifelong Learner). These awards recognize the amazing achievements, impact, and learning that our students have accomplished, and we are excited to celebrate them!

You can nominate your students by using the 2024 MEEOA Alumni Award Nomination Form. In your nomination letter, please address the points in the criteria listed in the form for each individual award. Note that you may make nominations outside your project or program. In addition, for the nomination to be valid, the nominator must be a 2023-2024 MEEOA member. If you have questions regarding your membership in our association, please reach out to Kat Bosse, MEEOA Membership Chair (

All nominations for Alumni Awards must be received by November 9, 2023. The awards presentation will take place during the MEEOA Annual Conference.

MEEOA Achiever Award

MEEOA Achiever Awards are given to outstanding graduates of Maine's educational opportunity programs. MEEOA Achievers have received a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution of higher education and are recognized as a person of high stature within their profession or have received recognition for their outstanding academic achievements. Achievers are employed above the entry-level designation for their profession or have received a post baccalaureate degree or are enrolled in a post baccalaureate program. They have made significant civic, community, or professional contributions. Their participation in an educational opportunity program has had a significant impact upon their ability to achieve educational and/or professional objectives.

MEEOA Achiever Award Winners:

2024 MEEOA Achiever - Lana Cook

2023 MEEOA Achiever - Brandon McDonald

2022 MEEOA Achiever - Monique Mills

2022 MEEOA Achiever - Gabrielle Lodge

2021 MEEOA Achiever - (not awarded this year)

2020 MEEOA Achiever - Jason Judd

2020 MEEOA Achiever - Kristin Guerrette

2019 MEEOA Achiever - Paula Alves

2018 MEEOA Achiever - Travis Works

2018 MEEOA Achiever - Judy Ouellette

2017 MEEOA Achiever - Michael Perreault

2016 MEEOA Achiever - Ryan Pickering

2016 MEEOA Achiever - Colette Cormier

2015 MEEOA Achiever - Rusty Brown

2015 MEEOA Achiever - Melissa Morrissette

2014 MEEOA Achiever - Liana Fellis

2014 MEEOA Achiever - Reverend James Nadeau

2014 MEEOA Achiever - Vikki Turnquist

MEEOA Rising Star Award

The MEEOA Rising Star Award identifies emerging professionals who are former participants of Maine's educational opportunity programs. This award recognizes people just beginning to make an impact in their careers and communities and honors emerging leaders who strive toward the highest levels of personal and professional accomplishment. They excel in their chosen field, devote time and energy to their community in a meaningful way, and serve as a role model for others. Rising Stars demonstrate excellence, creativity, and initiative in their profession. The have an Associate's or Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution of higher education, or are an outstanding senior-level student. They engage in or are developing leadership roles in civic, community, or professional development activities. Rising Stars have participated in an educational opportunity program that has had a significant impact upon their ability to achieve educational and/or professional objectives.

MEEOA Rising Star Award Winners:

2024 MEEOA Rising Star - Larissa Holland

2023 MEEOA Rising Star - Mariah Dee

2023 MEEOA Rising Star - Shannon Watts

2022 MEEOA Rising Star - Kate Michaud

2021 MEEOA Rising Star - Jeff Love

2021 MEEOA Rising Star - Doris Juarez

2021 MEEOA Rising Star - Janelle Humphrey

2020 MEEOA Rising Star - BJ McCollister

2020 MEEOA Rising Star - Aimee DeGroat

2019 MEEOA Rising Star - Sarah Holbrook

2018 MEEOA Rising Star - Robyn Rawle

2018 MEEOA Rising Star - Salvador "Sam" Portera, Jr.

2018 MEEOA Rising Star - Odean Irons

2018 MEEOA Rising Star - Tiffany Peterson

2017 MEEOA Rising Star - Maria Winn

2017 MEEOA Rising Star - Rachel Hasty

2017 MEEOA Rising Star - Crystal Favati

2016 MEEOA Rising Star - Jason White

2016 MEEOA Rising Star - Spencer McBreairty

2015 MEEOA Rising Star - Amanda Keegan

2015 MEEOA Rising Star - Kevin Richards

2015 MEEOA Rising Star - Eric Ramsay

MEEOA Lifelong Learner Award

The MEEOA Lifelong Learner award was developed in 2020 by the Executive Committee and Alumni Committee to recognize lifelong learners who are former or current participants of Maine's educational opportunity programs, TRIO and other educational opportunity programs alike. The Lifelong Learner Award honors those current participants and alumni who demonstrate a lifelong love of learning and a dedication to learning experiences whether inside or outside the classroom.

MEEOA Lifelong Learner Award Winners:

2024 Lifelong Learner - Ali Edwards

2023 Lifelong Learner - Jeremy Frey

2022 Lifelong Learner - Peter Smith

2021 Lifelong Learner - Loretta Joy Powers