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An organization of professional, associate, and program members working together for equitable access to educational opportunities.

MEEOA Advocacy

This section of the website contains information about MEEOA advocacy efforts.

Image of Susan Collins with TRIO professionals

For a half century, a package of federal programs called TRIO has been the key to educational opportunity for low-income, often first-generation college students. Senator Collins met with TRIO leaders from Maine who thanked her for her strong support of the program and for making expanding access to higher education a priority.


TRIO Yearbooks (PDF format)

2018-2019 Maine TRIO Yearbook

2017-2018 Maine TRIO Yearbook

2016-2017 Maine TRIO Yearbook

2015-2016 Maine TRIO Yearbook

2014-2015 Maine TRIO Yearbook

2013-2014 Maine TRIO Yearbook

2012-2013 Maine TRIO Yearbook

2010-2011 Maine TRIO Yearbook

Other Advocacy Information

Why TRIO Programs are Effective (PDF)

Maine's Congressional Delegation