MEEOA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

September 15, 1997

Present: Judi Look, Maureen Ferriter, Johanna Burdin, Lynn Ploof-Davis, Bridget Mullen
Location: UMaine, Chadbourne Hall
Meeting called to order at 12:00 noon.

I. Secretary's Report: Minutes from May Meeting were reviewed. Johanna motion to accept. Maureen second.

II. Treasurer's Report: Johanna reported on the status of reimbursement for expenses for NCEOA Policy Seminar from NEAEOPP. NEAEOPP will reimburse the $1800.00 upon receiving our receipts. There was a delay in getting receipts from one of the Policy Seminar participants. Johanna called the NEAEOPP treasurer and planned to mail the needed information within the week. In the interim, Johanna suggested that we transfer $250.00 from savings to checking to cover the cost of a deposit for the conference facilities. Lynn motion to approve the transfer of $250.00 from savings to checking account. Bridget second. Suggestion and discussion about the need to develop a travel/expense form that individuals attending NCEOA Policy Seminar or any MEEOA sponsored event insued. All agreed that it would be a good idea. Bridget motion to accept Treasurer's Report; Maureen second.

III. NEAEOPP Liason Report: Lynn reported on the May 28/29, 1997 NEAOPP Board Meeting and later submitted minutes from the September 25/26, 1997 Meeting. A summary of her reports follows:
NEAEOPP is a "healthy" organization as far as assets are concerned--currently $35,580.45. NEAEOPP is moving forward with the professional development workshops that grew out of the survey given at last years conference in Mystic, CT: Student Support Services workshops will be held at the UNH Alumni Center on November 7, 1997 and is being coordinated by Len Lamberti, Maureen Ferriter and Craig Werth; Upward Bound and Talent Search workshops are scheduled for November 14, 1997 at Holy Cross, coordinated by Paul Lynskey; Educational Opportunity Centers will meet on November 13 & 14, 1997 at the Holiday Inn in Worcester, MA. All workshop days are free to NEAEOPP members, contact Tom Putnam for more information. The dates for the NEAEOPP annual conference this year are April 5-8, 1998 in Hyannis, MA at the Tara Hyannis. There will be three multi session trainings (longer, more intensive workshops):
1) Using technology to counsel students regarding college, graduate school, career and financial aid; 2) Finding and securing supplemental funding for programs; and 3) Political advocacy and public relations. These workshops will meet concurrently for three sessions. Mike Dennehy, conference chair, would like feedback on this idea. He can be reached via e-mail at The keynote address will be given by storyteller, Onawumi Jean Moss. The 1998 TRIO Day celebration is scheduled for February 27 & 28 at the Ramada Inn in Burlington, VT. Deadline for registration is January 23, 1998. There will be events for EOC & SSS populations as well as UB/TS. The Board voted to endorse the creation of a Leadership Institute to develop the leadership skills of TRIO and Educational Opportunity Professionals that they may enhance and expand educational opportunities for low income, first generation students and students with disabilities. The Institute will be introduced at the NEAEOPP conference inApril and begin with its first class of participants this spring. Contact Jerry Ellis for more information. The Board endorsed a change in name to the New England Educational Opportunity Association (NEEOA.) The membership will have an opportunity to discuss and vote on the change at the annual business meeting in April. For mor information contact Tom Putnam. The Board is staying updated on Reauthorization and encourages program personnel to maintain a watchful eye on the process as well.

IV. Old Business:
Strategic Planning: Regarding professional development, a needs assessment survey was sent via e- mail to Maine TRIO personnel. Of the respondents, the areas of greatest need were:
1) motivating/approaching challenging students; 2) internet resources/developing web pages; 3) adventure based counselling; 4) data collection; 5) political advocacy; 6) staying balanced- stress relief. The MEEOA conference planning committee has taken this needs assessment survey into consideration as it plans for the annual conference. The political action network is in place for this year: Helen Pelletier--Senator Snowe, Lynn Ploof-Davis--Sen. Collins, Kristi Pierce--Rep. Baldacci and David Agan & Johanna Burdin--Rep. Allen. The liaisons will be compiling a brief fact sheet on each of the officials which will be available at the annual conference.

The following Action Plan was agreed upon:

Action (Value) Who does

1. Create an e-mail network.

2. Reconsider structure of the Executive Committee and propose changes to the membership.

3. Refine and articulate the goals of strategic planning to membership at the state caucus. Invite further input/editing.

4. Open half of next Committee meeting for members to participate in a discussion of 3 identified topics.


(Setting Limits, Who/What)

(Vision, Involvement)

(Advocacy, Student Services, Professional Developement)

Judy, Rick, Bridget , Jerry

Entire Committee and eventually membership

Judy and Bridget edit materials. Membership discuss at state caucus.

3 committees and Membership

State Caucus: the agenda for the caucus was discussed. It will include:
Election of State Liason
NEAEOPP Conference '99--Who/What/When/Where?
Revisit state annual conference
Overview of strategic planning process
The Committee will meet at NEAEOPP at 4 p.m. on Monday to refine the agenda as other items or issues may emerge.

1997 Budget: The proposed budget for the year is $5,275.00.

NEAEOPP Contribution--$300.00 NEAEOPP Hospitality--$50.00
NEAEOPP Ad--$75.00 NCEOA Contribution--$500.00
Committee Travel--$2,000.00 Scholarships--$300.00
NCEOA Policy Seminar--$750.00 Conference Start-up--$100.00
Public Policy Forum--$100.00 Mailings--$400.00
Supplies-$200.00 Printing--$200.00
Awards and Gifts--$100.00

Policy Seminar Update: Judy and Johanna will be going to D.C., representing MEEOA. Zoe Lane, alumnus of UMPI SSS and John Simko, alumnus of UMO UB will be our Alumni advocates. Lindy Duval did a nice job updating a pamphlet from last year that provides an overview of TRIO programs in Maine. Thank you Lindy. Judy has copies of the MEEOA constitution and the pamphlets for Maine delegation. The House and Senate will be recessed, but Judy arranged a solid schedule of meeting with the education aides. Judy raised a concern regarding rooming costs at the hotel and will plan to follow up with NCEOA about it. (It appeared that room prices were cheaper at the hotel if you were not with the NCEOA conference.)

V. New Business:
Future Policy Seminars: Judy proposed that we create a fact sheet which outlines expecations for the Policy Seminar for a reference in future years. The fact sheet would be provided to potential delegates (alumni and first-timers) when they are contacted and invited to attend. This would help delegates be better informed and hopefully be even more effective. Judy will base a draft on her experience with the Seminar this year.

E-mail: Judy offered to send a message out to the "on-line" membership about the Policy Seminar when she returns. Jerry Ellis offered to help gather e-mail addresses of Trio personnel. After this e-mail test run, Bridget will work on giving members the option of receiving minutes via e-mail. The hope is that e-mail might substantially save on copy and postage costs as well as time.

Annual MEEOA Conference: Based on positive feedback from conference goers this year, Maureen has proposed that the Committee consider locating next year's conference at the Atlantic Oaks again. She is interested in getting input from the membership regarding this and any other thoughts or ideas on the conference. You may reach her via e-mail or regular mail at the UMaine, SSS Program. (

Meeting adjourned at 3:10 p.m.

The next Executive Committee meeting will be:

Monday, May 12, 1997

10:00 a.m.--3:00 p.m. at UMaine, Chadbourne Hall



This Meeting will include

strategic planning breakout discussions on

Advocacy, Student Services and Professional Development

For further info, contact Judy Look, UMM METS office (