MEEOA Board Meeting

September 14, 2001





Linda Ives, Michele Melanson, Chris Yardley, Sara Henry, Johannah Burdin, William Ellis

• Call to Order

• Brief discussion of how everyone’s summer was.

• Linda Ives has decided to step down as President-elect.


Treasurer's Report:

Checking = $2825.21

Savings = $2704.23

Reimbursed from policy seminar ($2100.00).



Michele motioned to accept the May 11, 2001 minutes. Sara seconded. Unanimously approved. These minutes can now go to Steve Davis to be published on the web page.

Other minutes that can go to Steve Davis for publication:

January 4, 2001 minutes

February 16, 2001 minutes

March 16, 2001 minutes

No April minutes (informal Baldacci meeting).


2002 Conference Update:

Bad news -- Atlantic Oaks in Bar Harbor is doing construction. They value our business and would like to work with us. At this date they are still not sure about construction plans/timeline. They would understand if we took our business somewhere else. Only the conference rooms are being worked on. We can still get rooms and meals there. Maybe we could use COA for our meetings?

What are our other options? University of Maine

Black Bear Inn

Food is the big issue!

What about Hutchinson Center? MBNA conference center in Belfast. This might be a good idea.

Sara will look into Black Bear Inn, Hutchinson Center, MBNA. Then she will email all of this. We will get this wrapped up pretty soon.

Sara would like to focus on the logistics and would like some help with the actual programming.

Programming - where are we?

Sara summarized all of the surveys from last year. See attached.

Things that ranked high -

Political piece

Let's do a "strand" focusing on political information.

Dr. Arnold "Mitch" Mitchem can come. We need to let his office know a time.

Adaline Mirabal (Pres. of NEOA) can come.

If we have Rep. Baldacci come, he should overlap with Mitch.

Try to get Baldacci as keynote speaker.

We need to stress to Baldacci's office that groups outside of TRIO will be there, like Gear Up, etc.

Let's get Kristi Pierce to call Baldacci's office. Sara will call Kristi.

Talk about the "strand" approach:

Strand I

Personal and Professional Growth

- Explore your passions

- Media and Marketing, getting program on map

Strand II

Political Advocacy

- Understanding the political process in Maine - Linda

- Financial resources (MES, MELMAC, MCF...) - Michele

- Maine DOE update - Johannah (hold until hear from Minnesota group)

- Minnesota group - Linda



Welcoming activities


Speaker/kickoff/group fun

Thursday -

Keynote - hopefully Baldacci

Workshops - PA and PPG (or Plenary with Minnesota group)

Workshops - PA and PPG

Lunch - Adeline

Workshops - PA and PPG

Update from Mitch

Business Meeting (Michele asked to not have this meeting after lunch)

Drawing (must be present to win) during business meeting



Workshops or group session

Workshops - PA and PPG


What about free time? People last year were interested in getting out for snowshoeing, skiing, hiking.

Where should the business meeting be placed? We need better attendance. We need to get people involved.

Mitch is interested in Maine running their own policy seminar. We need to do our own organizing and lobbying. We need to get the State government to start funding our programs, not just the feds.

Minnesota group talking about how they do things in their state.

Getting Mary Cathcart (local politician)?

Wge will talk to Nate about helping with Wed. fun stuff and maybe organizing snowshoes and ski from Maine Bound (prices).

Sara needs help with keeping track of registrations/money. Registration and membership money will go directly to Chris as treasurer.

Rebecca will organize Auction and prize for raffle.

Wge get mailing list to Sara from the disk that Michele gave him at this meeting.


Washington Update:

Mitch said COE is trying to get DOE to give money to the states to dole out how they see fit.

COE trying to get another 180 million to get TRIO up to 880 million

Gear up, Will it be eliminated, will TRIO take it on? No one knows right now.


Changeover of Officers:

Linda has stepped down as President-elect.

Michele will be going on maternity leave as past-president in February. Will resume duties in Sept.

Michele will post this to the MEEOA listserve with potential ideas to replace people.