Executive Board Meeting Minutes
October 11, 1996 at KVTC

Members present: Jane Kimball Foley, Lindy Duval, Rick Hogan, Judi Look, Bridget Mullen.

Called to order by Jane at 1:00 PM.

Old Business:

Secretary's Report: Rick reported that the minutes from the last meeting that had to be mailed out will be going out next week. Motion to accept the minutes by Lindy. Seconded by Bridget. Passed unanimously.

Treasurer's Report: Judi has been experiencing some technical difficulties with her computer, so she was not able to generate a written report. She did show us that we currently have $754.81 in the checking account, minus travel for this meeting, and $3269.73 in the savings account. We received a reimbursement of $599.60 from NEAEOPP for the Policy Seminar. We also received a bill of $300 from NEAEOPP for our annual membership fee. The sum of $12.70 was also sent to METS for repairs to a letter folder Rick used for the mailings. Jane commented that this is the low time of the year in terms of money, so we appear to be in good shape financially. Motion to accept the Treasurer's report by Lindy. Seconded by Bridget. Passed unanimously.

NEAEOPP Liaison Report: Maureen was not present, but Jane filled us in as best she could about goings on at the last NEAEOPP meeting. NEAEOPP was asked to ratify a change in the NCEOA structure. Arnold Mitchem's position will now have the title of President, not Executive Director. Similarly, the former position of President will now be called the Chairperson. These changes were made so that the titles would be more recognizable and relevant to the political arena that the NCEOA operates in. The 1997 NEAEOPP Conference will be in Mystic, CT. The site for 1998 will be in Massachusetts. The three locations being looked at are Plymouth, Hyannis, and Springfield. The following conference will be held in Maine and possible hotel sites are already being contacted. There is no news on the Policy Seminar yet. TRIO Days will be held in Portland, Maine. Lynn Ploof Davis (UMF - UB) is heading the committee and trying to finalize the itinerary. Kristi Pierce has approached Jane about developing and mailing out a MEEOA directory from the information she collected for the NEAEOPP directory. It would be free of charge.

Conference Committee Report: Carol was unable to negotiate with John Jenkins. Where we are a professional organization, John insisted on his $1000 speaking fee. Bridget agreed to ask Scott Bradley to approach Fr. Nadeau about being the keynote speaker. The Board also suggested asking Dean Robert Cobb from UM to attend and speak about his new position with the secondary/higher education leadership consortium. Rick said he would speak with Alan Parks about this. Dave Megquier is currently looking for someone to lead the strategic planning seminar. Joan Becker and Gordan Donaldson were unavailable, but Mr. Donaldson gave Dave leads on three other people, including Dave Brown with the Leadership Institute at the UM College of Education. The Board discussed whether we felt we were at the point to need an outside consultant and suggested contacting Gerry Ellis at UM-Onward. Rick agreed to talk with Dave. Areas that need to be addressed at the conference: MEEOA's constitution and membership fees. Neither has changed in the last six years.

Notepaper Project: Lindy has wrapped the notecards and postcards into bundles of ten using ribbon. Pricing information went out with the previous minutes. Each Board member present took samples and agreed to circulate them on their campuses. Orders will be taken and Lindy will fill the orders at the next meeting. Anyone with questions should contact Lindy Duval at 207-768-9620 or by email, duval@polaris.umpi.maine.edu.

Other Old Business: Bridget created a flyer describing the duties of each position on the Board in case any members would like a copy. Nomination forms can also be obtained before the conference by contacting Bridget at 725-3559. Otherwise there will be a nomination form in each registration packet. A MEEOA membership application for this coming year is enclosed with these minutes. Deadline for these applications is Friday, 11/22.

New Business:

NCEOA Teleconference: There will be a teleconference at UM on November 17 with regards to the upcoming TRIO funding reauthorization. Gerry Ellis has been asked to facilitate. Following the teleconference there will be a discussion about what we want NCEOA to change or update in the TRIO grant.

Other New Business: A NEAEOPP Professional Day will be held at Northfield-Mt. Hermon on Monday, November 25. The workshops are free to NEAEOPP members. This particular day will key on Upward Bound and Talent Search, although other workshops are planned for other EOP personnel. Rick brought up the possibility of adding a security feature to the website so that certain information would be available to only members of MEEOA. Dave Megquier had suggested this earlier. Rick said he would look into it. Bridget brought up the question of the Dory Award and when nominations should be asked for. A nomination form is enclosed with these minutes.

Next meeting: 11/8 at KVTC.

Meeting adjourned at 3 PM.

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