MEEOA Board Meeting

October 18, 2002

UMaine, Palmer Lounge




*People in attendance: Sara Henry, William Ellis, Chris Yardley, Michele Melanson, Linda Ives


*Call to Order


*Review of minutes

Michele motion to accept

Linda seconded

Minutes accepted.


*Treasure's Report


         checking = $2,704.17

         savings =    $5,266.06


*Sara's Revised Budget Projection

Based on income vs. expenses, MEEOA could make $1,586.50 this year.


Wge suggested making a donation ($500-$1000) to the Leadership Institute this year due to some financial issues with LI/NEOA.  We would like to support the LI and Jerry. 


Motion made to discuss the idea, and seconded.


Linda suggested making it an even $1000. 


Unanimously approved.


Michele suggested Wge contact Jerry right away and Sara would present check at the next NEOA meeting.


Chris made a motion to accept Sara's proposed budget for 2003.  Unanimously approved.


*Strategic Plan Update

Based on what was proposed in 1997 by MEEOA.  Sara proposed two objectives, and each objective has activities.  Wge suggested connecting objectives and activities to NEOA strategic plan in parentheses.  Board made corrections to wording.  We will send Sara feedback for final wording.  We will vote on it next meeting.


*Karen Keim Regarding TRIO Day

Karen made it clear that all TRIO programs would be represented.  There will also be an adult presence.  In an effort to support this, there will be a $10 fee for 1-day adults.  There are special workshops for adults.


248 colleges have been invited.  We are hoping 70 will attend.  During college fair is when the adult programs will be.


Karen also wrote a grant for some additional programming.


Parade has been approved by Portland.  Only going to colleges who are providing food (Sat. dinner).


$495 per bus was the lowest bid.


Holiday Inn by the Bay received lowest bid, $105 per room.


Registration is $25.


Kennedy has been invited.  Not official yet.  All candidates running for office have been invited.


Karen would like MEEOA to support the NEOA TRIO Day at the level of $1000.  MA agreed to do this last year when TRIO Day was in MA.  The Board asked Karen to provide a list of what needs to be funded.  The Board agreed to support a particular activity to be determined at a later date.


*2003 Conference Update

Rusty and Sara met yesterday.  2-3 workshops look good.  Steve and Steve technology workshop, Linda Schiller political advocacy.  We need a total of about 6 workshops.  Planning workshop for Maine TRIO Day.  Have it take place at business meeting.  Schedule business meeting before Governor/legislators session.  Sara suggested sending out invitations to legislators from MEEOA members in the district.  Linda mentioned Dave's idea of sending a series of letters to educate local politicians.


Another workshop could be Chris Hasted who spoke with Mary Cathcart last year.


Invite new Governor after election.


*Maine TRIO Day (Thursday)

Form a subcommittee to handle this.  Teresa should be involved because it will be under her presidency.  Faith might be interested.  Sara and Michele will support Teresa in this endeavor.


*New Business

Recruiting new Board members was discussed.


Policy Seminar - Teresa wants to go again, and president-elect (plus two students).


Dory Award - Discussed.


Baldacci is coming to UMF November 1st @ 2:00 PM.  Student Support Services is having a meeting in NH the same day.  Could MEEOA sponsor a coffee break for this?  MEEOA will sponsor up to $200, unanimously approved.


Michele spoke with an admissions officer from BC about collaborating with the New England Admissions Counselors organization.


Next Meeting - November 8th, 2002 at KVTC.