Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

November 18, 1997

Location: Conference call
Members present: Judi Look, Lynn Ploof-Davis, Johanna Burdin, Maureen Ferriter, Bridget Mullen
Call to order at 8:40 a.m.

Secretary's Report: Minutes from the October meeting could not be approved as the entire committee had not yet received their copies. October minutes will be reviewed and approved in December..

Treasurer's Report: Johanna noted that $495.00 in membership has been deposited to date. The breakdown as far as membership is-5 Program Memberships at $75 and 6 Professional Memberships at $15 each. Johanna will forward those membership forms on to Bridget to update the membership database. Current balance in Checking= $1,162.17. Current balance in Savings= $2,059.17. Treasurer's report approved.

Old Business: Website: Leif's survey regarding the web site was distributed to programs, but only one survey had been returned to date. Judi e-mailed the membership to remind them to submit a narrative and pictures of their program to Leif by the first week in December.

Membership: Individuals and programs are encouraged to submit their membership dues before the end of the year.

Dory Award: Nominations were reviewed. Executive committee agreed to act as award committee to read and make decisions.

Amendment/Strategic Planning: Bridget read from the October minutes in which the proposal to change the make-up of the executive committee was discussed in detaiL Lynn elected to draft the proposed amendment. Judi will draft a cover letter explaining the motivation/intent of the proposed change. Lynn & Judi will mail their pieces to Bridget to send out to the membership by no later than December 8, 1997. (Three weeks prior to the business meeting as required by the constitution.)

Fact Sheets: Lynn is pulling together the last few pieces and will plan to have copies of the Fact Sheets on each or our Washington Reps available at the Conference.

Membership Directory: Bridget wilt use the updated membership database to draft an initial directory to put on display at the Conference--corrections can be made by the membership there. This will also serve as a good reminder to individuals who have not yet submitted their dues.

New Business: Conference Update: Maureen, Claire and Becky have been putting in a terrific effort. The tentative schedule for the conference looks greaL Claire will be sending out confirmations to speakers and presenters over the next few weeks. They have done a terrific job of generating workshop ideas as well as attracting speakers. So far, the workshop topics include:

Jobs for Maine Graduates Technology Stress relief/Relaxation Americorps--Conservation Corps LDIBehavioral issues College information share Financial Aid Gay/Lesbian ed/support

Speakers include: Ken Hamilton--on taking care of ourselves as professionals in the helping prnfessio~ Dr Kravolec--on broadening our perspective of the barriers of low-income people Dr Mitchum--on the current climate in Washington and activism--what we can do Julian Haynes(sp?)--on Senator Susan Collins and her position on Trio and education opportunity

A flyer on the conference schedule will be mailed out to all Trio personnel within the next two weeks. Becky is updating the database to reflect turnover in Trio programs this year.

Policy Seminar: Judi requested that a "tickler" be mailed this month asking member to be thinking about Trio alumni that they would like to nominate to go to D.C. in mid March.

The next Conference Planning Meeting will be at KVTC at 1p.m. on December 5, 1997