November 13, 2006

Introductions and Position Reviews

Members Present:
Steve Visco- President
Ginny Fowler- Treasurer
Faith Erhardt - TriO Yearbook
Linda Rottman-President Elect
Danette Madore - Past President
Sara Henry -Bylaws
Lori Wingo- Secretary
Linda Ives–At Large
Karen Keim - Membership

Review and Approval of September’s Minutes

Accepted as presented 100% (Linda Rottman not present at this vote-arrived late)

Treasurer’s Report

Steve wanted to discuss how to get Ginny indoctrinated to the position

Membership Committee

Plans for the Year

TriO Achievers Booklet

Faith, Steve, Anne and Sally form the committee. Faith is circulating Montana and Minnesota models


Data Sheets

Steve will be updating talking points by January (after performance Report) Beneficial to use same facts and figures when dealing with Media/legislators

Bylaws Review

Conference Changes

Members should be allowed to vote regardless of attendance at conference- Proxy voting

Danette: Some members wanted a one-day conference format

Questions from conference committees:

1. How will length of conference be decided?

Board decides? Membership?

STEVE: How do we get more people to attend (particularly SSS membership)?

Linda: What is the purpose of the conference? Networking with Other program staff

Ginny purposes to make conference flexible. Two nights for those who want to stay over or one night for folks coming from a distance

Faith: Not going to attract new membership (Newcomers reception?)

Steve- Need to poll the membership and get their feel on the issue

Karen-“get- to- know -you” activities are effective

2. Does October work for programs or should we go back to January?

Steve-There is NO good time for everyone

Consensus: Stick with October-maybe move later in October?

George at Bethel Inn is interested in hosting next year’s conference

Judy and Michele still considering spots/affordability/central locations

Karen- Poland Springs Resort? 3. What is budget so Judy and Michele can get started?

Policy Seminar

Hall of Flags- Needs to be planned

Old Business

State Initiatives

Steve will write proposal by Thurs/Friday for video camera/software equpment to film “Reasons for TriO in Maine.”

New Business

Election Fallout

Predicted impact- Senate and house got more conservative, but mission has Changed. Kennedy may be Education Chair. Discussion around new regs for UB is likely to be forthcoming

Future Meetings:

Steve will send out email to confirmMeeting adjourned: 2:07

Respectfully Submitted
Lori C. Wingo