MEEOA Board Meeting

November 8, 2002





*People in attendance: Sara Henry, William Ellis, Chris Yardley, Michele Melanson, Rusty Brown, Teresa Smith


*Call to Order


*Review of minutes

Sara voted to accept minutes as amended.

Teresa seconded.

Accepted unanimously.


*Treasure's Report


         checking = $2,611.67

         savings =    $5,270.61


Chris brought up that there was an old name on the signature sheet for the checking account.  That name is being removed and Teresa is being added.  Then the two names on the account will be Chris and Teresa.


Rusty asked about the easiest way to coordinate registration for the conference, room fees and membership with Chris.


Rusty motioned to accept report.

Teresa seconded.

Unanimously accepted.


*Baldacci at UMF

Rep. Baldacci at UMF, coffee and snacks cost $137.  An invoice will be coming.


*President's Report

Sara handed out the revised Strategic Plan.  A few minor changes were made.  Sara will email it to the MEEOA list serve with the intention that it will be voted on at the annual meeting in January 2003.


A discussion developed about a visual map for the web page which would display service areas within Maine in relation to program.  This might be a good activity for the annual meeting.


*NEOA Update

Wge may attend to present check to Leadership Inst.  No real update.  Meeting is a couple of weeks away.


*State TRiO Day Update

Being handled by the MEEOA Board.  Kristi has reserved the Hall of Flags.  We do not know if they will be in session for Pages.


So Teresa, Michele and Sara will send out a postcard to inform programs about Maine TRiO Day.  Will know about Pages on the 13th of December.


The cost of this day might be as much as $1,000.  Things that were talked about included a new banner, food, mailings, advertising, linens, catering.


*Alliance/Coalition Building

Marcia Weston (FAME) - Sara and Michele and Kristi went.  MASFA has $20,000 (from Nellie Mae) to spend on advertisements for college awareness and educational opportunity awareness in Maine.


Should MEEOA get involved with the ME financial aid organization and/or the ME counselor organizations?



*2003 Conference Update

MBNA is still not official, but Jim Patterson has assured us we will have a yes or no by Tuesday.  Jim is very confident things will work out, but no official word from Delaware until Tuesday, Nov. 12th.


If we get the okay from MBNA, then mailing will go out in about 2 weeks.

Mailing out Nov. 15th, material due Dec. 13th.


Faith Erhardt is running the auction.  Part of it will be silent to reduce the length of time.  Faith needs solicit some large items like a weekend, ski lift tickets, etc.


Lori Wingo is taking care of the talent show.


Membership fees: Professional $20, Associate $5, Program $75

Conference fee: $125


Mitch will not be able to attend the conference.  Paul has not confirmed.


Sarah Morrell is coming, Linda Schiller is coming, Karen Scott is coming.


Sara will work on a Gear Up session to attract Gear Up to come to the conference (with Karen Scott, Vermont Gear Up)


*Policy Seminar

Teresa is willing to go.  So will the President-elect.  We need to find someone to take over the yearbook.


*New Business


Next Meeting - December 13th in Augusta 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM.