MEEOA Board Meeting

March 8, 2002





*People in attendance: Linda Ives, Teresa Smith, Sara Henry, Rusty Brown, William Ellis, Chris Yardley


*Call to Order


*Review of minutes

            Sara moves to accept minutes as amended.

            Rusty seconds.

            Minutes passed unanimously


*Baldacci panel that Lynn is organizing:

Arnold Mitchem cannot make it, but will send someone from COE

Tom Allen cannot come.


A suggestion was put forth that we should have a minority person on the panel.


Gear Up has been contacted to provide someone to the panel as well.


Is Upward Bound over represented?


Format - Sara will moderate, do acknowledgements

Then Baldacci will speak.

Panelists will speak.

Then open mike that people can walk up to.


In cafeteria/student center of Portland Campus.


Panel will be on risers.


Panel -

John Baldacci, US Congress and running for Gov. of Maine

Peggy Crawford, Director of UMaine financial aid

Sheila Jepson, Principal of Bonny Eagle High School

Joe Wood, Provost of USM


When - 6:00 - 8:00 PM on March 29th


Sara will wrap up.  Two hours total.


How many invitations should we send out?  The room will hold approximately 200 people.  We should send out approximately 1,000 invitations/announcements.


Where will we get our money (about $500) to pay for everything?  FAME might be interested.


Should we have students there?  Yes.  They would provide good energy and be available to be interviewed by the press.  Maybe students from USM and Bowdoin programs.  Jerry offered some Onward students.  Teresa said she could bring some adult students.


Kim Goding from the UMF UB program is now working for Baldacci for Governor as a full time person.


*Strategic Plan

Sara has inherited Jerry Ellis' file from the last Strategic Plan.  Should we get rid of the student support piece?  This was the idea coming from the annual meeting.  Should we get past presidents involved?  Past presidents don't mind helping, but do not want to be formally involved.  We are considering a consultant to come to one of our meeting to help with the strategic plan.


*Budget Planning

Sara looked at last year's budget and made a projected budget (worst case scenario).  See attached.  We need to increase our total revenue to support things like the panel discussed above (in addition to our regular expenses).


Raise conference fee to $125

Raise individual membership to $20

Ads $100 full page, $50 half page


Teresa motion to accept.

Chris second.

Approved unanimously.


*Treasure's Report


            Checking =     $3,835.28       

            Savings =        $5,230.78


There are still some Policy Seminar expenses to come out.


Report accepted.


*2003 Conference Update

Rusty has spoken with MBNA for 8-10th of January 2003.  Things look good for those dates.  We will look for final approval from MEEOA members at the NEOA meeting in April and then lock in the dates.


Theme?  Keynote speaker? Socialization at Point Lookout?  The conference committee will address these issues at their first meeting.


*Looking at Notes About MEEOA from the Annual Meeting

Should we set up sub committees?  What would they be?  Conference committee, political committee?


Term of President?  This would require a constitution change.  Maybe we don't need to change the current set up.  Why are people not volunteering for the MEEOA Board?  We, as a board, need to start grooming people for the board.  The committee structure is a great way to get this process rolling.


So let's look at some committee ideas.


*Policy Seminar Update

Teresa has her ticket.


*New Business

Web Site Update - Sara will be featuring a different program on the MEEOA web site.  Will start with UMaine UB Classic and Math-Science programs.  Looking for suggestions to "snaz" up the web page for MEEOA.  Teresa suggested a "get to know the MEEOA board" link with bios on each person.  Also, we can add pictures and quotes from the annual meeting at Point Lookout.