MEEOA Board Meeting

March 14, 2003





*People in attendance: Sara Henry, William Ellis, Chris Yardley, Lynn Ploof-Davis, Teresa Smith, Ginny Fowles, Claire Nelson


*Call to Order


*Review of minutes

Ginny motioned to accept minutes.  Lynn seconded.  Passes unanimously as amended.


*Treasure's Report



         checking = $2,957.48

         savings =    $5,286.59



Wge motioned to accept,  Sara seconded.  No discussion.  Passed unanimously.


*Collegiate Meeting

Sara handed out the minutes from their meeting.  Their hope is to have several summits to educate adults about their options to go back to school.  Big challenges -- budgets, marketing, getting the whole state of Maine on board.  Try to get support from the Governor.


Two UMaine Deans showed up -- Dean White (Continuing Education) and Dean Beacon (Enrollment Management).  The vision for this summit idea became very large in terms of scope.  Media blitz for educational awareness.  Next meeting, March 21st at CMTC.


*Past-President's Report

Sara Henry

Budget projection - about $16,000 income and about $15,000 expenses.  Profit about $1,000.


Sara looked into the situation with MBNA.  She called a V.P.  After a week, the call was not returned.  So Sara emailed her stating that MEEOA would like to know what happened, and that we will take care of any damages or theft.  Sara also stated that this should not be a reflection on UMaine.


The V.P. emailed Sara back and said thanks for the apology.  She would not tell us which cabin was vandalized, or what was stolen.  At this point Sara is going to document our efforts to get to the bottom of things, put it in a letter to the Deans at UMaine.


Teresa will be sending a letter to the membership of MEEOA about what has happened with MBNA.


*2003 Maine State TRiO Day

Went very well.  But we should do some things differently.  Definitely get a morning session.  Pages enjoyed their experience.  The letters worked well.  Next year we should call representatives before we go to tell them we will be there and we would like to meet with them.


Bowdoin UB sent some follow up letters to their reps.  Good idea!


*Policy Seminar

Mandy Gorey and Susan White have accepted their invitations to Policy Seminar.  Linda Rottman (Math Tutor) from Onward is also going.


Reservations have been made.  Ginny made appointments with all of our reps. from Maine.


TRiO achiever booklet is almost done.


*2004 Conference

Looking into Sugarloaf.  Lynn and Claire made a nice breakdown of income versus expenses.  Asked the Board for feedback.  Meeting rooms in the Grand Summit.


Sara moved that we proceed with Sugarloaf.  Wge seconded.  Unanimously approved.


*Pre-collegiate Meeting

Lynn gave a summary.  She handed out the minutes.  She mentioned Dave's idea to list our students by House and Senate districts.    Then she talked about Anne's idea to put together a MEEOA/TRiO Powerpoint presentation.  And Anne's idea about a generic deposit waiver for the UMaine campuses for TRiO students.  The Board would like to see the presentation (email to the Board).  MEEOA will pay a table fee, but not a registration fee.


*NEOA Conference

Teresa asked about what should be covered at the business meeting.



*Next Meetings

April 7, 2003 at NEOA (4-5:15 PM)