MEEOA Executive Board Meeting notes
June 4, 1999 - Orono, Maine

Those present: Johannah Burdin, Betty McCue-Herlihy, Tamara Hunt, David Megquier, Michele Melanson, Rebecca Salsbury.

Reviewed minutes from 4/30 meeting. Made minor corrections, accepted minutes. Betty will revise & send to Dave. Dave will post to MEEOA-L.

Treasurer's report - Tamara Hunt
Report for 2/1/99 through 5/25/99
Balance: $1829.22 in Savings, $2554.77 in Checking
Recent activity limited to travel reimbursements for board members' travel to meetings, advertising for NEAEOPP Conference Program, and food expenses for the recent NEOA Board Meeting.
MEEOA will submit a bill to NEOA for Policy Seminar reimbursement. Dave & Tamara will work together to take care of this.

NEOA Liaison Report - Dave reporting for Linda Walz
Dinner at NEOA May board meeting that was hosted by MEEOA went over very, very well. It was greatly appreciated by everyone present. Especially wonderful were those from Maine who prepared & sent meal items, and those who attended the dinner & prepared & served the meal.

Conference 2000 report - Rebecca Salsbury & Michele Melanson

Next Board Meetings
Friday is the best day of the week. Meetings will be held in Chadbourne Hall, UM. Sept 17, Oct 8, Nov 19, Dec 17
Special pre-conference meeting: Jan 4th (5pm @ conference site Atlantic Oakes)

MEEOA Web site
Leif Feige, our WebMaster, has resigned his position w/Talent Search. Rebecca will take up this part. Discussed briefly what to put on the web site:

MEEOA LISTSERV - Rebecca has spoken briefly with Jerry Ellis about taking over the MEEOA-L. One idea has been to design a sign-up & sign-off web form to allow people some ease of use.

PowerPoint presentation - RS needs help soliciting info from programs! We need info about what makes each program unique!

Staff Development -
Some MEEOA funds have been set aside for projects in this area. After the state caucus in Ogunquit, we felt that membership had a better idea of what we were thinking with respect to this initiative, but there have been no takers yet. Dave's thinking that if/when some regional staff development begins to happen, MEEOA could partner with them to common goals. Rebecca noted that at the regional level, we had discussed a Train the Trainer model of technology training & this may work very well in a partnership mode between NEOA and the state associations.

Also, it would be a neat idea to take a topic or two from the conference program & develop it on a separate day - perhaps in the fall (late October?) as a one day or half-day program. MEEOA could support such an activity. It might provide a spark for others to think about organizing something for MEFOA to support.

We also discussed the possibility of having a Technology workshop at the January conference. This is logistically challenging, though. However, we could see whether the College of the Atlantic could help us with facilities (or perhaps Emerson Jr. High in Bar Harbor). This could be done as a pre-conference workshop, too. Everyone agreed there would be interest.

Discussed an idea which has come up before: seeking funds to purchase a small bank of computers to be used for staff development and / or loans to programs for student/staff use. New thought: rather than buying laptops, purchase iMac computers - very portable, reasonably priced, easily maintained, etc. In order to pursue this, we may need to incorporate the organization (MEEOA).

Items for future agenda:

Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Rebecca Salsbury.