MEEOA Board Meeting
January 26, 1998


Judi Look, Maureen Ferriter, Johannah Burdin, David Megquier, Karen Keim

There are two openings on the board and we need your help to fill them, yes YOU! NEAEOPP Liaison and the Secretary positions are currently vacant. Due to circumstances beyond her control, Bridget Mullen is unable to fill her place on the board as secretary. Please consider taking one of these positions so the board can accomplish the ambitious goals it has for the year! In addition, we need a Conference Chair for the Regional NEAEOPP conference at the Cliff House in 1999. We want Maine to show the New England TRIO community a conference the way it should be! It is vitally important that we begin the planning process immediately.


February 23, March 23, & May 4 There are no meetings in the summer months. Meetings run from 12 until 3 and will be located in the Walker Room in Memorial Union at the University of Maine campus. Please mark your calendar and attend if you are able.


The conference ran about even, (figures for Dory award have not been calculated into the figures) and include: DISCUSSION:

This is similar to the last two years conference expenses, although the figures varied the conference was a break even event. The conference committee stayed at the Atlantic Oaks to complete and verify billing. All conference bills have been paid. Karen motioned that the Treasurerπs Report be accepted. Judi seconded the motion. Treasurerπs report was accepted (see Addendum A for report). TAX STATUS: Johannah made inquires to MEEOA's tax status which is 501C-4. It is allowable to contribute to political campaigns. This tax status may be maintained until the association has $25,000 or hires an employee, until that time taxes do not have to be filed. At the Business Meeting at the conference it was unanimously voted to give up to $200 to the Maine Won't Discriminate Campaign (MWDC). The board discussed the issue. It was felt that this might leave the association open for political posturing. There will not be an ad run as was hoped by the membership at the meeting, but the money will go to support this issue. Johannah motioned that $200 be given to MWDC, the motion was seconded by Judi. Board vote: 4 in favor, 1 opposed. Motion passed, Johannah will write the check accordingly. Ad for NEAEOPP conference was discussed for a cost of $75. Maureen will come up with the ad. Johannah will get the check together once the ad is complete.


Maureen shared the evaluations of the conference with board. The committee only received 8 evaluations of the conference, there were 34 in attendance. If you attended any part of the conference please return the evaluation in the postage paid envelope provided (see Addendum B for evaluation). We value your opinion and your evaluations will help the next conference committee plan accordingly. Maureen will compile the evaluations once they have been collected. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION!
If you have any information regarding the Dory award please forward it to Maureen who is putting together an organized portfolio. Having all the information in one place will make future awards easier to pull together. In case you have not heard Alan Parks received this prestigious award at the conference.
Two alumni have been chosen to attend the policy seminar in Washington D.C.; David Ashmore SSS Alumni from UMaine & Mark Crosby UB Alumni also from UMaine. Accommodations and airlines have been booked. Maureen will get funding request to Tom Putnum and clarification regarding his e-mail. It was suggested that pre-meetings with Alumni occur before the event to ensure they know what MEEOA expects and how to proceed with expenses. Maureen will outline board's expectations in a letter, a brochure describing all TRIO programs will be given in the Alumni packet so they will be better versed all of the TRIO programs, not just the program they participated in. Maureen will attend as President of MEEOA and David Megquier will attend as a representative of the MEEOA board. Both expenses will be picked up by MEEOA; however, David is attending another workshop and most of his travel expenses will be picked up by his project. Cost for registration is $100 for alumni and $200 for TRIO professionals. Judi made a motion that MEEOA cover David's two nights lodging, meals and registration from MEEOA funds. This was seconded by Maureen. The board voted in favor (with David abstaining from the vote). It passed, Johannah will write check directly for registrations. Maureen will make appointments for Alumni to visit representatives once she receives packet from NCEOA. David and Maureen will each escort an Alumni to the representatives.
Karen will send out bids to the Cliffhouse and Atlantic Oaks. Discussion of moving the conference to Cliffhouse as that will be beneficial to the Regional Conference Coordinator and committee. If you have any interest in serving as Regional Conference Coordinator please contact Maureen ASAP. The MEEOA board and several others are willing to assist, but we need a fearless leader at the helm of the event who is organized. If this sounds like you, please call 581-2320 or e-mail her at There is a fund raiser being sponsored by the National TRIO Community for Susan Collins. To sponsor the event it costs $100. To attend it will cost $50 per person (any amount of money is appropriate from individuals, and you do not have to attend the event to contribute to the cause). All TRIO members are encouraged to support this event to send the message that the TRIO community is supporting this candidate, especially since Collins is from the State of Maine. There was discussion regarding MEEOA paying the fee, some board members thought that it was inappropriate to use funds from the organization that the money needs to come from individuals, others did not agree. The board voted not to use MEEOA funds for this activity.
Rebecca Colannino' s father provided Maine Heritage Pen's to be sold at the conference with $5 from each sale to be donated to MEEOA. A big thank you to Becky and dad. He is willing to continue this fundraising effort (YEAH) so if you haven't gotten that special someone something for Valentines Day, February 14, National TRIO day February 28th, or Presidents Day, March 19 please refer to the order form (see attached Appendix C).
STRATEGIC PLANNING (minutes from conference in Bar Harbor)

Respectfully submitted: Karen Keim