Maine Educational Opportunity Association
Annual Business Meeting
January 4, 2001

Call to Order by Johannah at 1:10 PM

Roll Call of the Membership

Bylaws Update
Motion made by Johannah to accept the bylaws update, seconded, and accepted by unanimous vote.

Presentation of Slate of Officers of the Association
President Elect - Linda Ives
Conference Chair - Sara Henry
Secretary - Kathryn McGloin
Treasurer - Chris Yardley

Candidate Remarks
None made

Election Balloting
A motion was made to accept the full slate. The motion was seconded, and unanimously accepted.

Treasurer's Report
Chris Yardley, see report
A question was asked about dues paid to NEOA, and the contribution made to COE. Chris will check into this issue. Policy seminar is a flat rate. A motion was made to accept the report. It was seconded and unanimously accepted.

NEOA Report
Highlights were given of what the NEOA board is doing. The strategic plan is an ongoing process and may not be completed. Donna Thompson is working on the study abroad program. A criterion for this program is that a college student must be a SSS program participant. April 3-6 is the NEOA conference. Nancy Schwartz is working the conference. for more information. TRIO day registration packets have gone out for the Nashua, NH, Feb 23-24 event. Policy Seminar is March 11-13 and everyone is welcome to attend. Criterion for students is that they must be TRIO alumni. Who are the two who attended last year? If anyone wants more information they may contact Michele. The two alumni who attended last year were Rob Walker and Dian Cooper.

Leadership Institute
Jerry will direct it next year. It began 3 years ago with Helen Pelletier directing it. Any member may attend the institute 4 times with overnights at each. Cost to the program is $300/person. It costs the Institute $1500. Some of the money comes from external funding. This year the focus is on folks who have been with TRIO at least seven years. Jerry anticipates two categories, one with folks who've been here for a while and another for an emerging leader. Each state will nominate the individuals. Nomination forms will be sent to members to nominate participants. Dena York was the only person from Maine.

We are looking into incorporation of MEEOA for the liability and recognition. Motion was made to incorporate. It was seconded and unanimously passed.

Johannah gave gifts to the Board for their service.

President's Message
Michele is looking forward to working with FAME to develop a plan of action similar to the VT (Marcia Weston) plan bringing educational opportunities to Maine. Access to information for the state of Maine is important. She looks forward to increasing membership in MEEOA. Jerry Ellis offered the support of the membership stating that membership need only be asked to become involved. Michele thanks members for our support and looks forward to getting ME connected. She thanks everyone for coming onto the board and recognizes Johannah for serving on the board for 4 years.

Meeting adjourned at 12:56 PM