MEEOA Board Meeting

January 8, 2003

Point Lookout (MBNA)

Lincolnville, ME




Approximately 60 members in attendance


Sara welcomed everyone.  Then thanked the board with gifts.


1.) The strategic plan was discussed.  Sara gave a brief history.  The MEEOA board voted on it to present at the annual business meeting.  The largest change was going from three major objectives to two.  There was a motion to accept the new strategic plan.  The vote was counted and it passed.


2.) Sara discussed her projected MEEOA budget.


3.) Sara presented her executive summary.


4.) Some time was spent discussing what we would like to do with TRiO Day in Augusta the day before national TRiO Day.  The legislature still did not know if they would be in session.  It was suggested that we check with Chris Hatsted or Wendy Alt for their opinion.  Sara discussed sending invitations to individual representatives from each person's district to invite them to the hall of flags.  Sara and Teresa made labels and post cards for this purpose.  It was suggested that we produce similar cards for the students to invite representatives.


5.) Chris Yardley presented the Treasurer's Report.  There was a motion to accept.  It was voted on and passed.


6.) Presentation of slate/election

         President - Teresa Smith

         President - elect - Ginny Fowles

         Treasurer - Chris Yardley

         Secretary - William Ellis

         Conference Chair - Claire Nelson/Lynn Ploof-Davis/UMF

         Ad Hoc - Linda Ives


Slate of officers passed.


7.) Karen Keim, NEOA TRiO Day chair, spoke about National TRiO Day, which is being held in Portland, Maine.  500+ students are expected to attend and 61 colleges have signed up for the college fair at this point.  Hotel space is limited.  Karen recommended registering ASAP if groups had not done so, yet.  Karen asked for more volunteers for the buses taking students to colleges.


8.) The presidency was handed over to Teresa who gave a few remarks and then the meeting was adjourned.