MEEOA Board Meeting

January 24, 2003





*People in attendance: Sara Henry, William Ellis, Chris Yardley, Claire Nelson, Rusty Brown, Teresa Smith, Ginny Fowles


*Call to Order


*TRiO Day Update

Karen was unable to attend the meeting, but said over 400 students are registered.  There is an issue with registering buses so they do not get "towed."


*Maine State TRiO Day

The legislature is in session the Thursday before National TRiO Day in Augusta.  We have slots for 10 pages in the House and we would like to get two pages for the Senate.  We discussed how to solicit students from the membership to participate in this activity.  Teresa will send an email to the listserve to let members know what is going on, and asking for nominations for pages.  Sara will take care of calling two caterers for the Hall of Flags.


We are asking each program to set up a table.  Karen (KVTC) will contact her friend about getting the tables set up in the Hall of Flags and the cost.


*Policy Seminar

Ginny and Teresa will be going.  Chris has a nomination for Policy Seminar TRiO alumnus -- Kim Goding.  She is now Governor Baldacci's scheduler.  The dates are March 23-26.  We need one more student.  Teresa will send out another call for nominations via the listserve.


*Maine TRiO Achievers

We need someone to put the book together.  Wge will ask Faith Erhardt at UMaine to put the book together and ask Dave M. for the "up front" TRiO statistics.


Also ask Dave for 2002 TRiO Achievers book to reproduce for Maine TRiO Day.


*2003 MEEOA Conference Final Report

Rusty submitted a final financial breakdown for the conference. 


         Income – expenses = $5,049.07


Next year the dates might be January 7-9, 2004


*Pre-collegiate Meeting

Chris handed out notes from Johannah and Lynn.  There was discussion about what committees were needed.  Everyone agreed it was great to see the energy of the pre-collegiate committee.  These notes will be sent to the listserve.


 *NEOA Update

February 4-5 in Portland.  Karen Scott invited MEEOA membership to attend their dinner on the 4th.


*Review of minutes

Sara motioned to accept.

Ginny seconded.

Unanimously accepted.



*Treasure's Report



         checking = $15,275.72

         savings =    $5,279.86


We voted to approve a full-page ad in the NEOA conference brochure.


Wge motioned to accept report.

Rusty seconded.

Unanimously accepted.


*Next Meetings

February 13th.