MEEOA Board Meeting Minutes
Present:Judi Look
               David Megquier
               Rebecca Salsbury
               Linda Walz
               Tamara Hunt
               Johannah Burdin
               Betty McCue-Herlihy

Missing:  Michele Melanson

Date: Friday Feb. 5,1999

Introductions were made.

Treasurer's report was read and accepted. Johanna presented the itemized
breakdown of the account since 12/17. Discussed changing over the signatures
which will now include Tamara Hunt, Johanna Burdin and Dave Megquier. The
information of the accounts is on Quicken which Johanna will give to Tamara.
Tamara needs to change the address on the checks as well as needing to order new
checks. As President-elect, Johanna has forms for membership.

Discussed and decided to take out a full-page add for the NEAOPP conference-
cost approximately $1OO/$125.

Scheduled next meeting for Monday March 8 from 9:30 - 12 noon.

Past Conference Report: 
Presented by Karen - need to keep mailing lists up to
date. Need volunteers to do last minute stuff for the conference such as
introducing speakers- drive speakers to meetings/pick-up speakers, etc.

The evaluations for the past conference look good and will be kept in the
conference book with some of their original comments.

Need to send out thank - you's to vendors and obtain the press releases.


None written but Linda will email the report to us. Jan. 21st meeting was at
Worcester. Reviewed NEAEOPP strategic plan for its mission and objectives.
Discussed Leadership Institute. There have been two inquiries for the position of
director. The institute is a year long program with about five sessions for
approximately 15-18 participants. The hope is that the program will be continued
because of the significant monies that have been given to the program thus far.
For the upcoming institutes there will be more information at the conference with 
information about selection criteria and application deadlines.

NEAEOPP Conference

Registration materials have been sent out. They are encouraging people
who are mobile and don't mind walking to use the outside buildings. There will be
a coffee house with entertainment and they are looking for volunteer entertainers.
They are also soliciting donations for the silent auction. CliffHouse will probably
donate a meal. There will be information in the conference registration about the
auction. There is a day-to-day schedule on the WEB.

99 Policy Seminar

Dave, Kristi, Joe and Penny will be attending. Joe and Penny's registration
is all set as well as their travel arrangements. Penny will attend the leadership
seminar. There will be a fund-raiser to help re-elect Henry Bonilla of Texas.

Congressional Recognition of TRIO Day

There will be 1 minute speeches on the floor on the week of the 20th with a
script sent to each speaker. The education aides will be approached to see if they
will do this for the entire delegation not just Olympia Snowe.

Our Agenda for 1999

Explore the idea of professional development opportunities for TRIO
personnel. Possibilities included RFPs for up to $300 for programs to offer
training to other TRIO participants. Dedicate up to $1200. This could be seen as
networking opportunities as well as specific training opportunities. Ideas about
training included:

1.   Web based training
2.   Functional area training:  academic, counseling, etc.
3.   Programmatic

Each program that submitted a proposal would include in their RFP:

1.   Learning objectives
2.   Target audience
3.   Medium
4.   Number ofparticlpants
5.   What to bring
6.   Matching monies- i.e. what the program will provide for support.

Political advocacy

Training for New TRIO personnel

April meeting is tentatively, scheduled for Wed, April 14th as a dinner meeting at