Executive Board Meeting Minutes
February 26, 1996 at UMO

Members Present: Jane Kimball Foley, Lindy Duval, Maureen Ferriter, Rick Hogan, Judi Look, Bridget Mullen, Kristi Pierce.

Called to order by Jane at 10:28 AM.

Old Business:

Secretary's Report: Minutes from the last meeting were distributed. Motion to accept the minutes by Maureen. Seconded by Kristi. Passed unanimously.

Treasurer's Report: Judi just received the financial records and the information on Quicken. There was no official report. She did estimate that we currently have $5100 in the treasury to work with. There is still a question as to whether or not membership dues from the UMO Onward program are correct or if there is a refund due.

NEAEOPP Liaison Report: TRIO Days went well. Over 600 students attended the two day event. At their last meeting it was agreed that each New England program would contribute $50 towards the hospitality suite at the NEAEOPP Conference. The Board also decided to focus its strategic planning on professional development and advocacy. NEAEOPP will provide $300 per state to support sending students to the National Student Leadership Congress. Any program that would like to request this support must contact Alan Parks by April 1st. Anyone who would like a copy of the liaison report should contact Rick Hogan at the UMO Upward Bound.

Other Old Business: Lindy displayed the plaque that will be presented to the University Credit Union in appreciation of their support of our road race. The Samoset has donated a weekend package for us to contribute at the NEAEOPP raffle. The other states are trying to put together similar deals. Kristi and Scott Bradley will be attending the Maine Counseling Association meeting at the Samoset. They will be participating in a panel presentation and setting up a MEEOA table. The Board approved $50 to register the table.

New Business:

MEEOA's Budget Plan for 1996: The budget was tentatively arranged as follows:

The money under scholarship is the NEAEOPP support to send students to the National Student Leadership Conference. Advertising refers to the page we display on in the NEAEOPP Conference Guide. It was discussed and agreed that an Executive Conference Fund should be established so that Board members who were not being sponsored to attend conferences by their programs would be supported. These figures are pending the treasurer's report at the next meeting.

Fundraising Ideas: Lindy presented examples of the cards that she had mentioned at the last meetings. They can be produced rather cheaply and could be distributed in packs with matching envelopes. The Board endorsed the idea. Lindy said that some would be available for the NEAEOPP Conference. The possibility of have having an event similar to the Chili-Chowder Festival in Portland but based around Maine recipes or desserts was also discussed.

NCEOA Policy Seminar: Jane, Carol, Kristi, and Maureen will be attending along with two TRIO alumni. Father Jim from Bowdoin UB could not attend. Mark Crosby from UMO UB expressed interest. Another alumnist currently at MIT was going to be approached. Jane informed us that appointments had already been set with Maine's congressional delegates. Following discussion from a previous Board teleconference it was decided that from now on MEOAA would help financially to send the president and president-elect to the seminar. It was reasoned that this would allow the president-elect to gain experience before having to lead this event. NCEOA currently only provides supporting funds for the president and two alumni.

Establishing a MEEOA Archive: An archive will be established in the attic of Chadbourne Hall at UMO in order to compile and store meeting minutes, treasurer's reports, and other written materials.

Next Meeting: At NEAEOPP Conference

Meeting adjourned at 3 PM.

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