MEEOA Board Meeting Minutes 2/16/01

Attendees: Michele Melanson, Johannah Burdin, Linda Ives, Chris Yardley, Sara Henry

NEOA Liaison Report from February 8 & 9, 2001 Board Meeting

submitted by: Johannah Burdin, February 16, 2001

TRIO Day in Nashua New Hampshire February 23 and 24, 2001

Please remind students to come with questions for the college visits and especially for the college fair.

NEOA conference is April 3-6, 2001 in Burlington, VT at the Sheraton Burlington Hotel. For details, see On Tuesday, April 3rd, there will probably be away for UB staff to be part of the Council and DOE's interactive TV conference on the UB performance report. 1-5pm. Attendees would miss Maggie Sherman's preconference and the newcomers reception. The link up will be paid for by Professional Development funds.

Russ Milham needs help with ads for the NEOA conference booklet, from programs, universities and from MEEOA by February 23.

We need to come up with a Maine basket for the silent auction. If anyone has items to add or would like to take charge of this, please let Johannah know.

We worked at length at NEOA's strategic plan, focusing on our opportunities, strengths, weaknesses and threats. Ideas include more advocacy training, more PR, taking advantage of alumni, and more technology training.

The board approved updated Council bylaws. Kristi P. chaired the Council's committee.

Questions from the Council: What professional development activities is Maine doing? What do we see as state and rehional training needs. We need to get this info to Adaline Mirabal, president-elect of NEOA by March 5.

The Council is looking for 3 people from each region to serve on the professional (CAS) standards committee. These folks would also agree to do trainings for the region. They's like names in early March.

The National Student Leadership Conference is June 9-14.

The Council wants TRIO alumni liaisons from each state by May 1st. Liaisons would agree to be at Policy Seminar 2002 and at the Sept. Conf (2001). It is assumed folks who volunteer are already going to both, or would find the funds to do so. They would develop an alumni survey, redo the alumni brochure, add alumni registration to the Council's website, develop newsletters and a list serve.

Fair Share: We are looking for personal donations from MEEOA members to help support the important work of the Council.