MEEOA Board Meeting
February 6, 2004
Kennebec Valley Community College
Fairfield, ME

Meeting called to order at 10:10 a.m.

Nine people were in attendance. Ginny Fowles, Teresa Smith, Linda Ives, Faith Erhardt, Claire Nelson, Sara Henry, Chris Yardley, Joyce Cote, Dori Fellman

January minutes were presented. C. Neilsen motion to accept as written, F. Erhardt seconded. Motion accepted.

C. Yardley presented the treasurers report. Current balances post conference are checking - $2753.21, savings - $11,788.06. Only outstanding is the moneys to go into scholarship account. Awaiting payments from FAME and UMF Admission these deposits with go to S. Henry. Signature cards need to be set up from Theresa & Chris to Ginny & Sarah.

Joyce suggested bonding the president and treasurer. Sara will check with credit union.

T. Smith motioned to accept treasurer's report, S. Henry seconded. Motion accepted.

C. Nelson presented seminar report. Conference cleared 6671.22 after expenses. Claire made a few observations. There should be an expectation as to what the conference should make. Individual memberships are $20 not $15. Be sure that conference is handicapped accessible. Materials and observations were handed over to Joyce.

C. Yardley brought suggestion from L. Davis that the next seminar committee find a place for next years conference early.

Discussion about who is on membership/list serve and who receives mailings. Suggested to contact each program instead of directory. Directory should reflect “Who” is working in programs not whether or not they paid their dues.

It was suggested to write to each director and ask who is on your staff? Produce a directory on EXCEL by program and staff.

Discussion about being intentional on including Community College and UMA. Perhaps a conference on Grant writing. We need to build a bridge between SSS two year and four year programs.

Linda and Faith volunteered to work on a membership directory. Claire will send Sara and Linda who is current according to conference. Sara will send mailing to those who did not attend and new programs.

Hall of Flags, March 3, 2004. Ginny is contacting state house about tables and linens. There will be 10-15 tables and tables for food. Teresa to get KVCC linens for the tables. Ginny has a quote from the Humble Gourmet in Brunswick for refreshments. They will provide coffee, pastries and juice for $375.00. There will be press releases and publicity by each program through their local channels.

Reminder to send out postcards given out at the conference for legislators. Sara will send an adobe version to all MEEOA participants so they may resend. Joyce suggest everyone call their legislator. It was suggested that in the afternoon it would be nice for students to meet with the education commission. Ginny will contact the Governors office about an audience with him.

Future Conference - Teresa gave results of survey taken. April appears to be people's first choice. October is not good because of grant writing. May is bad because of graduation and upward bound hiring. It was suggested that the conference be held in January 2005 and then October of the same year. Conference committee would need to start early. It was suggested that to bring these ideas to the membership. Teresa is to send an email on list serve about exploratory information cost, tourism and places. The board should address the impact of doing this on the budget.

Policy Seminar - Three nominated to attend conference in Washington, D.C.

Greg Murray - 1977 participant - retired Air National Guard, Volunteering with Linda/Faith group. Their program has never sent anyone.

Kim Goding - UMF/Bates - had kids, completed school and is now working in Baldacci's office as a scheduler. Is an articulate young lady.

Victoria Blanchette - Onward Program as an adult. Is a radio producer, is articulate, adult learner.

It was voted to have Greg and Victoria. There was discussion about the fiscal ability to send three.

T. Smith motioned to send three to policy seminar. S. Henry seconded it. Voted with 1 obstention.

College Ready Maine - meeting in Augusta 2/13/04. Bridgett collected information from programs and composed a suggested agenda. Several from MEEOA will be in attendance. Board is interested in know What is the purpose? What is the agenda? How does this reflect the retraining needs of Maine?

T. Smith is having a transition fair for KVCC students. She will extend invitation to other SSS two and four year programs. Promoting this is a good way to create networks and connections.

Old business - There was none

New business - C. Yardley mentioned that one of the reasons MEEOA has so much in the accounts is Board Members do not put in for mileage to meetings.

Next meetings are 3/5/04 and 4/30/04

Meeting Adjourned at 1:20 p.m.