MEEOA Board Meeting

February 13, 2003





*People in attendance: Sara Henry, William Ellis, Chris Yardley, Lynn Ploof-Davis, Linda Ives, Teresa Smith, Ginny Fowles


*Call to Order


*Review of minutes

Chris motioned to accept minutes.  Sara seconded.  Passes unanimously as amended.


*Treasure's Report



         checking = $3,418.83

         savings =    $5,283.22


Annual conference is paid off.  Over $2,000 is still coming in from the conference.


Wge motioned to accept,  Sara seconded.  No discussion.  Passed unanimously.


*Maine State TRiO Day

Pages be there at 9:30 AM.  Tables set up in the Hall of Flags at 11:30 AM.  Sara looked into catering for the Hall of Flags.  There was some debate about cost and how much we really needed.  We decided to have the cafeteria provide coffee and a cold beverage.  We will put out a call to the listserve to have programs bring snack food.  It looks like about 50-60 students will be present and about 10 programs.  We have enough students for pages, 10 in the House, seven in the Senate.


"Talking Points" about MEEOA - a one-page flyer about TRiO programs in Maine.  Lynn is putting this together.


Sara brought up some general ideas about advocacy and resources.


*TRiO Day Update

Chris needs to make out an $800 check to NEOA for the DJ we agreed to pay for to support TRiO day.


*Policy Seminar

The dates are March 23-26.

There were three students to choose from.  Two from Upward Bound and one from Talent Search.  We decided to select Amanda Gorey from UMaine Talent Search and Susan White from Bowdoin College Upward Bound.  We decided to list Kim Goding as an alternate.  Michaud, Snow and Allen can meet with Ginny, Teresa and Dave and the students.  Dave will be working on a connection with Senator Collins' office.


*TRiO Achievers

Teresa said she is not going to limit the number of entries.  The deadline is March 1st for getting everything in.  Teresa will take care of getting it printed at KVTC.  MEEOA will pay for the printing.


Faith Erhardt and Steve Visco will take care of putting it together.  Teresa would like the book in her hands by the 10th (in electronic format).  Then Teresa will get it printed before Policy Seminar.


*2004 Conference

Claire called Sugarloaf.  You can get a condo 250 a night for three bedrooms or 375 for five bedrooms per night.


We need to hear about "No Child Left Behind."  Also Seymor Papert would be a great speaker.


We did hear from MBNA that someone misused a cabin. The Board decided to investigate and will follow up with an apology letter once we know more.


*Pre-collegiate Meeting

Sara asked about the committee to see if SSS should be part of the committee at the collegiate level.  Lynn suggested that Sara wait for a couple of months and see what evolves first.


For example, advocacy would effect both precollegiate and collegiate programs.  How do we not duplicate efforts?


March 3rd is the next meeting in Chadbourne Hall (UMaine) at 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM.


*Next Meetings

March 14th, Friday.