MEEOA Board Meeting

December 14, 2001




*People in attendance: Linda Ives, Michele Melanson, Sara Henry, Johannah Burdin, William Ellis

*Call to Order

*Review of minutes

Michele moves to accept minutes.

Linda seconds.

Minutes passed


*Treasure's Report

checking = $1,641.26

savings = $2,716.18

$300 sent to NEOA.

Onward office is collecting membership dues and conference registration fees.

Will Chris or Jerry sit at meeting and collect/check on membership fees? Good idea. Some people have not renewed membership with conference payment.

2002 Conference Update

60 conference registration confirmations have already gone out. This is a relatively high amount this early.

Ce Ci is working on conference bulletin. It is looking really good. We do have a lot of advertisements already in the brochure.


Bowdoin UB

UMaine UB



USM admissions


$470 from ads

UMaine admissions sponsoring a lunch. (=$250)

Wednesday afternoon session with students: TRIO students from Bangor campus, UMF and Onward. Diane Saunders at Nellie Mae will pay for ($1,000) for student travel, lodging, food.

Sara has negotiated a slightly lower meal price with MBNA conferences group.

$3100 total food cost for 50 people (does not include linen charge, probably $375)

($2900 was food cost last year)

Any charge for Audio visual??

Sara will go to Sam's Club for snacks to put into the cabins for after the talent show.

Baldacci still looks good for the conference. Will arrive Thursday morning. Sara will meet with him first.

Lori and Ann from Onward are handling housing and matching people up. Only a few people need room mates.

Conference program does not have a bio for everyone.

Michele wants to give everyone a TRIO achievers book.

Who pays for Adaline? NEOA.

We will have one or two speakers to reimburse.





*Review of schedule from Sara - see web site.

Jerry introduce plenary.

Ann Smith will introduce Linda R.

Michele introduce financial resources panel.

Bridget will introduce Helen P.

Onward introduce themselves.

Johannah introduce herself.

Jerry will take care of Mary Cathcart, and he will introduce her.

Sara will introduce Adaline.

Kristi will introduce Baldacci.

We will potentially combine Chris Hastedt with Mary Cathcart. Jerry Ellis is looking into this. This would open up the 10:00 AM Friday slot. Onward has an idea for this slot based on a new course for fist year college students out of the University of Maryland (On Course).

Steve Visco will be the "Techie." His plans have changed, so he will be able to attend.

Sara will call about cash bar for auction.

Johannah and Chris are calling programs about auction items.

Business meeting:

Look at MEEOA Board responsibilities in relation to NEOA commitments and Board schedule.

Reconsider the length a person serves in a particular office. For example, pres.-elect = 6 months, pres. = 1 year, past-pres. = 6 months.

Closure on Michele's letter regarding terms of office, etc.

Do we want to have everyone break into smaller groups to consider issues?

Change meetings to every two months?

Conference call meetings?

Main question - how do we get more people interested in serving on the board?

Main question - we need to vote on new board

Main question - Raising the conference cost/budget breakdown for MEEOA.

Main question - What do people think the board does?

Main question - Are we a political group? Should we be?

Group questions:

1.) Are we a political group? Should we be? Do you respond to alerts?

2.) What do you see as the purpose of MEEOA?

3.) Strategic plan, what do you think of existing one?


New Business:

FAME Meeting - MEEOA and FAME got together. Want to get political as two groups together. Run a primary debate with candidates for Governor by June. Get MEEOA visible. This would probably be a subcommittee.

TRIO Day in Maine. February 2002. What will happen in the state? Sara will talk to Dave in January about doing something in Augusta for TRIO Day.

NEOA conference program ad given to Wge to look into for April 2002.

It looks like Dave will to Policy Seminar. Who should we send? Have Dave post to all directors.

USM has someone (Johhanah, a nurse in southern Maine)

David Hammel from UMaine UB program and wife.

Other suggestions will come forward.