MEEOA Board Meeting

December 13, 2002





*People in attendance: Sara Henry, William Ellis, Chris Yardley, Michele Melanson, Rusty Brown, Teresa Smith


*Call to Order


*Review of minutes

Michele voted to accept minutes as amended.

Rusty seconded.

Accepted unanimously.


*Treasure's Report


Teresa signed paperwork to have her name added to the MEEOA bank accounts.


         Checking = $2,486.17  (does not include LI/NEOA check)

         Savings =    $5,275.31


Wge motioned to accept report.

Rusty seconded.

Unanimously accepted.


*2003 Conference Update

MBNA is definite for the location of the conference.  The mailing went out for registration and membership.


Rusty provided a draft conference schedule and walked us through it.  Minor adjustments were made.


The initial Plenary was discussed in terms of who should be on the panel.


Rusty showed us a breakdown of conference fee per program.  He also had information regarding the price of meals.


*President's Report


*State TRiO Day Update

Still do not have a legislative calendar.  Teresa will send out an email to directors asking about general interest regarding the Hall of Flags.  If they are not in session, we might want to wait until another date when they are in session.


Sara has put together mailing lists of recent election winners by district.


*Policy Seminar

Karen Keim is interested in going.  President-elect should go.  Teresa is filing out paperwork to name her as Team Leader.


Sara typed up a Policy Seminar Nomination form adapted from Rick Williams (VT).  Teresa will coordinate this as President-elect.


Teresa will be coordinating finding someone to assemble the yearbook.


*Dory Award

The Dory award was discussed.  Nominations were presented.


*Offices for Next Year

UMaine @ Farmington is considering the conference chair position.


*Business Meeting

Dory award will be presented first.  Sara will do initial President's report.  Teresa do Maine TRiO Day update.  Michele will do elections.  Chris will do Treasurer's report.


*NEOA Update

The $1,000 check for the Leadership Institute was very well received.  TRiO staff exchange program (with Europe) was mentioned by Sara.


*New Business


Map of Maine activity for the annual meeting.


Next Meeting - December 13th in Augusta 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM.