MEEOA Board Meeting

January 3, 2002

Point Lookout (MBNA)

Lincolnville, ME



Approximately 60 members in attendance

Michele thanked everyone for attending. Then thanked the board with gifts.

Also thanked Steve Davis for Technical support.

Thanked the Bowdoin staff for supporting her efforts as president.

1.) Roll call/call to membership

2.) Treasurer's report/conf. fee

Chris mentioned that we will consider raising the conference fee in the future.

Jerry moved to accept.

Faith seconded.


3.) NEOA update: TRIO Day 2003

We need to find someone to host/coordinate and others to serve on the committee.

4.) President's Report

See attached.

5.) Presentation of slate/election

President - Sara Henry

President - elect - Teresa Smith

Treasurer - Chris Yardley

Secretary - William Ellis

Conference Chair - Rusty Brown

Ad Hoc - Linda Ives

Slate of officers passed.

6.) Focus groups

Discuss the following topics:

1.) Do members see MEEOA as a political organization? Do they feel we should be?

2.) What do members see as the purpose of MEEOA?

3.) Review of strategic plan items.


Policy seminar nominations - please get nominations to David McGuire by February 25th, 2002.

Meeting dates for 2003 - write on evaluation forms.