MEEOA Business Meeting
Northeastland Hotel, Presque Isle
October 12,2006

The meeting was called to order at 2:10pm by President Danette Madore.

Treasurer’s Report – Sarah Henry

Copies of the FY2006 report and the FY2007 budget were distributed to the membership.

Because policy seminar reimbursement was received after September 1st, it will appear as a second policy seminar line item in FY 2007. Because of this, it looks like we experienced a deficit year.

Sarah asked the membership to review collective memory for the original application for non-profit status as an organization. Determining status as a 501 C 3 or 501 C 4 is important in identifying limitations on the percent of total budget that can be spent on advocacy.

The advocacy and sponsorship line items have been grouped in the general expenses section of the budget. Comments were invited regarding total contribution to COE. Dave Megquier suggested that the board determine a yearly contribution amount that would include the ad in the conference bulletin.

Suggested other groups to receive contributions include MASFA (Maine Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators).

A clarification was offered regarding limits on advocacy spending, those limits apply to organizations who receive federal funding.

Conference Report – Tammy Ward and Velma Murphy

So far, so good. Offered thanks to the conference committee

President’s Report – Danette Madore

Recognizing the successful events of 2006 including Hall of Flags, luncheon for legislative aids and policy seminar.

President Elect’s Report – Steve Visco

Applications have gone out for COE State Initiatives grant for $350 and an NEOA grant for $500. Funds to be used to create a “Reasons for TRiO in Maine” video.

TRiO yearbook will be retooled for greater effectiveness. Faith will chair the committee that leads that.

Nominations for policy seminar should be sent to Steve and will be reviewed by the board. Prior nominees can be reactivated. Two representatives will be selected to attend.

Policy seminar will be earlier this year, March 11-13th.

TRiO Yearbook – Faith Erhardt

Using ideas from the Minnesota TRiO organization, plans for retooling the Maine Yearbook include:

Fact sheet data for each program together with color photos

Limited student profiles from each program, compelling first person stories with good quality color photos.

Any interested in participating on the committee should contact Faith directly.

Nomination forms/biography outlines will be available via email.

Expected deadline for all submissions is February 14th to enable formatting and printing in time to take to Policy Seminar.

Board Elections – Danette Madore

Slate of officers:

President Steve Visco
President-elect TBA
Past President Danette Madore
Treasurer Ginny Fowles
Secretary Lori Wingo
Conference Chairs Judy Ebert and Michele Melanson

President-elect will be announced and voted for over the listserv.

The slate of officers was unanimously accepted as presented.

Old Business

Steve Visco reminded membership that the listserv is voluntary and that members must ask to join.

Karen Keim asked members to review information on the directory for accuracy and any changes in staff.

New Business

Dave Megquier distributed pledge forms and encouraged support of COE through subscriptions, institutional memberships and donations.

Meeting adjourned at 3:15pm