MEEOA Board Meeting

April 7, 2003

NEOA Annual Meeting

Portsmouth, NH





*People in attendance: MEEOA Membership


*Call to Order


Maine TRiO Day Update: 

Went well, but we need to get a morning slot for next year.  Something we should definitely do again.


Presentation on 17 year olds being able to vote was excellent.


Ginny has made preliminary arrangements for next year.  What time of year do we want to do it?  Does it need to be around National TRiO Day?  During school?  February vacation?  Right now Ginny is considering March.


Policy Seminar:

Mike Michaud, actually met with him.  He was supportive.  Said he would sign the letter.  Two alums were great.  They did an excellent job.  Both stayed through the end for the rally.  Teresa believes it was a success for Maine.


Linda thanked Faith and Steve for compiling the TRiO Achiever Book.  More copies will be made at KVTC for general distribution.


Pre-Collegiate Group:

Lynn gave a summary of what the group has been doing.  First meeting was very energetic.  The second meeting had individuals reporting on their progress.  Ann St. Pierre is working on a TRiO powerpoint presentation.  Dave is working on spearheading programs tabulating the number of students served versus district.  Other ideas were discussed.


Next meeting date needs to be rescheduled.


Collegiate Group:

Jerry updated us about their two meetings.  It has become much larger than what was initially intended.  Jerry would like to regroup and consider a smaller scale approach about resources in Maine for adult students.  A web site/clearing house about resources.


Sally mentioned keeping the spirit alive, but "piggybacking" on some other things taking place -- Promising futures, MELMAC grants.  Jerry mentioned that not much is focused on adults.


Lynn and Michele said keep the passion going.  For example Governor Baldacci is here tomorrow.  He will be available to meet with MEEOA members after his presentation.


MEEOA Conference 2004:

Claire and Lynn have looked into Sugarloaf.  Things look pretty good.  Housing options are varied.  Reduced cost ski passes.  Maybe a tubing package.  Progressive dinner/condo idea.


Theme -- Learning in the 21st Century.  Please send any ideas to Lynn and Claire.


MELMAC Conference:

It looks like about 10 people from MEEOA will be present.


Kristi brought up the idea about going for some of the Public Television money.  Karen has proposed to go for money for Maine Public Television to do a special on our TRiO programs.  We need to get a group from the membership to run with this.


Dave brought up the point that no one from MEEOA is part of the MELMAC panel discussing access to education in Maine  Lynn and Kristi emailed Wendy Alt about this issue.


Jerry suggested we form a small committee and go after (write proposals) either Promising Future/Gates money, MELMAC money, PBS project.


Michele said we should formulate a plan with respect to Governor Baldacci on Wednesday.  Jerry suggested we ask, "how can we help?"  Karen said we should inform him about our expertise and give him a list of people who could speak from our membership.  Lynn suggested we have people on a first name basis meet with him like Dave, Kristi, Jerry.



Steve and Steve update.  MEEOA in the news section is updated.  Discussed the idea of placing the past TRiO Achiever Books as PDF's on the web page.


Talking Points are also available on the web site.


Treasurer's Report:

Checking = $2,328.45

Savings = $5,289.63


Most of policy seminar costs have been paid.  We have not been reimbursed for Policy seminar yet.


MBNA Update:

MBNA will not release who, or the cabin number, of the vomiting incident.  They did let us know what was stolen -- two irons.  A letter of apology was sent.  At this point we will let it go.  It's time to move on.


Other Business:

Dave would like to nominate Ginny to the NEOA Board as State Liaison.  Kristi seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Lynn would like to volunteer to be conference chair for the NEOA Annual Conference 2005.  Jerry mentioned the Samosett was very popular.