Executive Board Meeting Minutes
April 10, 1996 at NEAEOPP Conference - Burlington, VT.

Members present: Jane Kimball Foley, Lindy Duval, Maureen Ferriter, Rick Hogan, Judi Look, Bridget Mullen, Kristi Pierce.

Called to order by Jane at 12:15 PM.

Old Business:

Secretary's Report: Minutes from the last meeting were discussed. Motion to accept the minutes by Kristi. Seconded by Bridget. Passed unanimously.

Treasurer's Report: Judi reported that we currently have over $700 in the checking account and $3229 in savings. The books are balancing with the bank, but Judi is still working on getting them to balance with our records. It is a small discrepancy. A written budget and report will be brought to the next meeting. Motion to accept by Kristi. Seconded by Lindy. Passed unanimously.

NEAEOPP Liaison Report: Kristi distributed a summary of the results from the NCEOA Public Policy Seminar to the board. Jane remarked the she felt the seminar was very successful. Our alumnus was Joseph Siddiqui, currently a senior at MIT and formerly a participant in the METS Program and a tutor/counselor for Upward Bound. The Maine delegation was able to meet with Congressmen Baldacci and Longley and representatives from Senator Cohen's and Snowe's staffs. Anyone who would like a copy of the report should contact Rick at the UMaine UB office. Kristi and Jane recommended that in the future we cover the expenses for the alumnus in advance. They also suggested encouraging programs to create a list of potential alumnus, making a check-off list that alumnus can use to prepare for the seminar, and providing coaching so that alumnus would be aware of the questions they might be asked and what aspects of their TRIO experience to stress.

Fundraising: Lindy brought samples of the paper we could use to make the notecards. Several members thought they knew of printers who could do the job. It was agreed that we would contact these printers and get price estimates to be presented at the next meeting. If was not too expensive, heavy paper, such as postcard weight, was preferred. Lindy also said she would bring more samples of the types of print styles that are available.

Other Old Business: Kristi and Scott Bradley were not allowed to set up a MEEOA table at the Maine Counselors Association meeting, so the $50 they were approved for was not needed. They did put MEEOA on the presentation list for next year.

New Business:

1997 MEEOA Conference: The question of where to have the conference was discussed. Augusta was brought up as a possibility, as was returning to Bowdoin.

Maine's Public Policy Forum: In order to gain the most media coverage and increase our chances of having political figures attend the event, it was agreed that the forum should be held somewhere in District I. The possibility of linking the forum to the 30th anniversary of the Bowdoin Upward Bound program this summer was suggested. If it was planned sometime during the last two weeks of August, would other programs be able to send delegations?

Other New Business: NEAEOPP is encouraging each organization to assist them in creating a NEAEOPP Alumni Association. This would allow our alum to stay active in TRIO and serve as a source of support for the programs. The board also expressed its best wishes to Kristi Pierce for serving as NEAEOPP Liaison. Maureen Ferriter will be officially elected as the new liaison at the NEAEOPP business meeting.

Next Meeting: 5/13 @ Orono.

Motion to adjourn by Judi. Seconded by Kristi. Passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 1:45.

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