MEEOA Board Meeting Minutes

Those present: Michele Melanson, Johannah Burdin, Linda WaIz, Tamara Hunt, David Megquier, and Rebecca Sa{sbury.

Reviewed & accepted minutes of 4/15 meeting. Dave will post to MEEOA Listserv.

1. Revisit plan for NEOA Board meeting 5/20-21
Dave talked w/Kristi Pierce re: providing financial support for the meal that the Maine TRIO community is preparing for the NEOA Board Members during their May meeting. Kristi considered our offer as an augmentation to whatever NEOA usually prepares. Jerry Ellis is orchestrating dinner plans, with contributions from many others. Consensus is to make a $ contribution to dinner - Dave is waiting to speak with Jerry about this.

(Brief discussion about the MEEOA-L listserv. Rebecca will check w/Jerry Ellis about who is on the listserv, or email the LISTSERV for instructions on getting a list of subscribers. It seems like there are still some folks who are not on the listserv.)

We briefly discussed the absence of our secretary

Working on setting the date for the conference. UMS campuses don't start classes on Tues January 18, with the exception of UM, which starts on Jan 24. Rebecca is planning to speak with Myrna McGaffin to check on dates for UMPT/SSS student orientation. Right now, it looks like the first week in January will be a winner.

Also working on & collecting ideas for workshops, speakers, etc. Michele suggested an ESL roundtable - a forum in which to discuss ideas for accommodating ESL students. Discussed some possible resources: MSUB & USM's UB have hired ESL teachers every summer; USM trains ESL teachers, IEI at UM.

Dave suggested a session on school restructuring issues - how DOE is looking at graduation certification, learning results, etc. Perhaps we could get a research person from the state - comment on how TRIO should be participating (applies to UB & TS, indirect application to 555 staff), how to use that info on schools for assessing students & admissions process...

Some discussion about what kinds of PR for Maine TRIO projects we could incorporate into the conference, ie a reception where we invite state lawmakers or school personnel or institutional personnel, etc. The question is HOW and WHAT TO DO. We don't want to create an occasion which causes dissatisfaction among areas which are not being served by TRIO programs, etc. Maybe instead we should look at getting on the docket for the governor's office/ economic development... a better way to get PR for TRIO.

Revisiting an initiative from before that fizzled: A statewide leadership conference. Might be held in Augusta, it would be for staff & students (hundreds of participants). Topics of focus might include: citizenship, leadership & advocacy. Would involve staff & students in the Augusta process, but might also have national participation (from congressional delegation & Arnold Mitchem, etc.)

Grant writing & management are the issue. Limited $$ and limited human resource - have the board write the grants, but would probably need a person whose time was committed to seeing this thing through. One possible source is Nellie Mae (they have a $30,000 maximum.) Could also write for funding from Maine businesses. Would need to fund time on the person who is willing to do it.

Some ideas to consider at our next meeting: possibility of getting together a focus group to brainstorm & work on this idea; use the January conference to get people to work on/brainstorm the idea.


Next meeting is scheduled for Friday June 4, 11-3

Submitted by: Rebecca Salsbury.