MEEOA Executive Board Meeting
Thursday, 4/15/99, held at NEAEOPP conference

present: David Megquier, Linda WaIz, Tamara Hunt, Michelle Melanson, Johannah Burdin, Rebecca Salsbury

A. Staff Development Initiative
We discussed briefly the reaction of the membership to this initiative as we observed it during the state meeting this afternoon as part of the conference. We felt that some ideas had been sparked around the room, but it might take some further encouragement to get things rolling. Questions were asked about what sorts of activities could be sponsored by this initiative, including could the initiative sponsor an event which is designed to serve a particular group of TRIO staff, such as the UB summit. We indicated that it could, indeed! Also, we encouraged an informal process of seeking monies by inviting interested persons or groups to contact Dave.

The board discussed whether or not to formalize the process of applying for or requesting funds. We decided not to do that, for fear of discouraging someone for making a last minute request. We want to provide a carrot to encourage participation.

B. Policy Seminar - report
Dave reported that the Policy Seminar went very well. Maine was well represented by TRIO alums Joe Wellman and Penny Gray (who is also currently on staff at SSS at UM). The success of Policy Seminar, and particularly Maine's success, was evidenced by 3 of 4 Maine congressional members making speeches on the floors of their respective chambers in celebration & recognition of TRIO Day. Furthermore, Maine Senator Susan Collins sponsored a non-binding Sense of the Senate resolution to increase TRIO funding by $100 million.

C. Conference planning update
Michelle & Rebecca indicated that they are ready to forego the process of selecting a location - and just work with Atlantic Oakes again. They are certainly inexpensive & very accommodating. By doing this, our energies could be more focused on developing the workshops/content.

The very next task, then, is to select the dates for the conference. This needs to happen by checking with TRIO programs to determine the start dates of various institutions (and accompanying program-specific orientation dates), and then working with Atlantic Qakes to secure preferred dates.

D. Programming for students - grantwriting
In the interest of time, we skipped this item.

E. Rockcraft - first NEOA Board meeting
We'd like to support Kristi in her first NEOA board meeting to be held May 20-21 in Sebago area. Thoughts are either contributing toward dinner, such as dessert, OR providing some kind of gift basket (a party favor of sorts). We spoke of $300-$350 contribution. Dave will speak with Kristi to ascertain her preference between these two options.

Submitted by: Rebecca Salsbury