MEEOA Board Meeting
September 19, 2003

*People in attendance: Sara Henry, William Ellis, Chris Yardley, Lynn Ploof-Davis, Teresa Smith, Ginny Fowles, Linda Ives

*Call to Order

*Review of minutes

Ginny motioned to accept minutes as amended.  Chris seconded.  Passes unanimously.

*Treasure's Report

      Checking =      $1,654.80

      Savings =       $5,302.94

Received $2,250 from NEOA for Policy Seminar.  We paid $1,600 to Sugarloaf as deposit for the January 2004 annual MEEOA meeting.  Ginny will also be paying back $300 which she was reimbursed for Policy Seminar.

Linda motioned to accept, Ginny seconded.  No discussion.  Passed unanimously.

*Welcome back and check-in

Everyone shared about their summer.

*Summer Meeting with Governor Baldacci

Susan Gendron, Commissioner of Education, invited to speak at College Ready New England in Vermont.  Baldacci expressed a desire for us (MEEOA) to connect with her.  Lynn would like to invite her to our annual MEEOA meeting.

Initiative money from NEOA.  $500 from NEOA for state initiative activities.  This money has to be applied for.  Lynn is state initiative chair for New England on NEOA Board.  Lynn will do a "best practices" handbook based on what Maine has been doing.

We need to focus on the Maine State legislature.  We could use the national Policy Seminar model.  We could meet with legislatures after the morning of Hall of Flags.

What about Mike Michaud?  He was very supportive at Policy Seminar.  We should continue to communicate with him.

Lynn will call Ed Finch, who is on the Education Committee, and ask about how to proceed with meeting with legislatures.

*NEOA Update

RFP for state initiatives ($500). 

September 27th is a meeting in Portland on the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act.  The cost will be $125.

Sarah Morrell has authorization from the NEOA board to make a donation to the Dory fund (Dory Vladimiroff passed away in August).

Andrea Reeves discussed developing CAS standards for our programs.  COE is supporting this.  We discussed the idea.

Wge will deliver basket items to Dave for the annual meeting in San Diego, CA.

Proposed a change in the timing of the election of MEEOA officers.  The logic behind this is a closer alignment with NEOA.  We will keep our election in January, but we will stagger when people serve on the NEOA Board.

NEOA Conference is in Boston, Hyatt Harborside, April 13-16, 2004.

*TRiO Achievers Book

Teresa has many available.

*2004 Maine State TRiO Day

March 3rd, 2004 from 8:30 - noon has been set aside for the Hall of Flags.

*2004 Conference

Lynn handed out a Conference Committee Report.  Sugarloaf has received a deposit of $1,600.

*2005 NEOA Conference

Location?  Samoset, Eastland, Sunday River, New Hotel in Lewiston, Cliff House, Black Point Inn.

Portland doesn't seem to have anything large enough.

*Pre-collegiate Meeting

Wge will contact Anne St. Pierre about her TRiO PowerPoint presentation she was working on.

*Collegiate Meeting

Only Onward staff members are currently participating.  This committee should be revisited at the annual meeting.


Lynn brought up that we (MEEOA) should contribute to the Dory scholarship fund with the Bowdoin Upward Bound program.  It was suggested that the raffle item at the Annual Meeting be put towards the Dory Scholarship.  The Board unanimously voted to give the proceeds from the auction to the Dory Scholarship.  If, for some reason the amount is less than $250, MEEOA will make up the difference.  If the amount is over $250, the scholarship gets it all.

*Next Meetings

October 31, 2003 at KVCC, 10 AM to 2 PM.

December 5, 2003