MEEOA Board Meeting
December 5, 2003

*People in attendance: Chris Yardley, Lynn Ploof-Davis, Teresa Smith, Ginny Fowles, Linda Ives, William Ellis, Sara Henry, Claire Nelson

*Call to Order

*Review of minutes

October minutes:

 Ginny motioned to accept minutes.  Linda seconded.  Passes unanimously.

*Treasure's Report

      Checking =      $1,874.80

      Savings =       $5,309.62

$1,600 was paid to Sugarloaf (already deducted).

Sara motioned to accept, Linda seconded.  No discussion.  Passed unanimously.

*NEOA Update

Very productive NEOA meeting.  Discussion about State Initiatives.  State Coalition handbook was presented, contains ideas for getting started.  Some of this we are already doing.  Available on COE web site.

NEOA needs TRiO Achiever awards nominations.  January deadline.  We can discuss this at the annual MEEOA meeting (Business meeting).

Trying to finish up nominations for awards at the NEOA annual meeting.  There are four awards, including the President's Award.

Maine was awarded $500 for a State Initiative proposal.  The money will go towards our own Maine Policy Seminar day (March 3rd, 2003/ 8-noon).  Ginny has applied for a $500 match from COE.

Ginny will make a more detailed budget to include food, brochures, Common Ground Fair booth, etc.

Time to start thinking about Policy Seminar.

TRiO Day is shaping up (February 20-21st).  About 15 colleges lined up.  The travel from Burlington, Vermont to visit colleges is going to be significant.

Annual NEOA meeting will be in Boston, April 13-16th.

*2004 Conference

Check-in will be at the Grand Summit.  At this point, 39 individuals are registered.  Quite a few people have not registered yet.  When they do, are numbers should be pretty good.

We can't get anyone from COE.  Mitch is not available.  Lynn has asked Linda Schiller to attend our panel discussion.  Lynn and Claire provided a draft schedule for the conference.

Marsha Weston will consider funding part of our reception on Wednesday evening.

Lynn recently went to a New England meeting (Think Tank) to discuss seamless K-12 education in NE.  As a result, Lynn is trying to get a lot of these people from Maine to reconvene at our Annual MEEOA meeting.  This would be attended by a small group of the MEEOA membership.  The reception following the meeting would be open to everyone to interact with these individuals.

It looks like Charlie Desmond will be available to attend the meeting as part of his Libra Fellowship.  We can ask Jerry to speak with Charlie about a topic that fits our meeting.  Jerry will introduce him.

Right now we are not paying for any of our invited speakers.

Teresa read a letter from Sally Daniels about when to hold the Annual Conference.  Early January is not a good time for MEOC due to financial aid advising with their students.  We will bring up this issue at the business meeting.

Progressive dinner is being planned.

Business meeting - President's report, New Business, State Liaison, Treasurer.

*Slate of Officers

President Elect - Faith Erhardt

Treasurer - Chris Yardley

Secretary - Dorea Fellman (Gear Up)

Conference Chair(s) - Johannah Burdin and David Agan

*Budget Discussion

Sara has projected a budget out to 2004.  It looks like we will have a balanced budget for 2004 (or a slight profit).

*2004 Maine State TRiO Day

Maine Policy Seminar (March 3rd, 2003) - morning session (8-noon) and then potential meetings in the afternoon with Legislatures.  Individual programs should contact their local Legislatures to remind them about when we will be there.  Do we want to do the postcards again at the Annual MEEOA meeting?  Yes.  At the registration desk, we could be on-line.  When people register, they can find their district and then fill out the postcard.

*Policy Seminar

We need to think about nominations for the booklet and two people to bring to Washington, D.C.  Teresa will get nomination forms to Ginny for the annual MEEOA meeting to hand out.


Ginny mentioned that we need to go over the MEEOA Constitution and Bylaws.

*Next Meetings

Business meeting at Sugarloaf during annual meeting.