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***MEEOA Hall of Flags March 22, 2018***

Dear TRIO Colleagues:

This is a reminder that the 2018 MEEOA Hall of Flags event date is March 22, 2018. We are excited our event will be held on a "session" day and many of your locally elected representatives will have the chance to meet with you in person. Please see below a great reference on talking points.

At this time, we have reserved space from 8:30 am - 11:30 am for the event. We have 12 tables with 36 chairs available for our use. There will be light refreshments served as well. We recommend ALL groups arrive no later than 8:20 a.m. as everyone who enters the State House is subject to safety screening and bag checks. This process could take upwards of 20 minutes. ***For those traveling with art supplies, scissors are NOT allowed into the State House Building.***

If you have any questions prior to or on event day, please call Tony Staffiere at (207) 621-3501.

***Directions to the State House can be found on this link:

***Note on parking for this event: Parking at the Capitol is challenging, especially on Session days. We recommend you park in the parking garage at the corner of Capitol and Sewall St. There's no charge to park in the garage. Allowing 15 to 30 minutes for parking and walking to the State House is strongly advised.

We look forward to seeing everyone! TRIO Works!

Tony Staffiere, MST, MSOL
Staff Specialist, Cornerstone
Staff Advisor, Peer Mentoring Club
University of Maine at Augusta
(207) 621-3501