February 22, 2006


Members Present: Steve Visco- President, Ginny Fowler- Treasurer, Linda Rottman-President Elect, Sara Henry -Bylaws, Lori  Wingo- Secretary, Linda  Ives–At Large, Karen Keim  - Membership

Review and Approval of January’s Minutes

Accepted as presented

Treasurer’s Report (Ginny)

Ginny has been transferring files into a format useable for her
Acccounts presented are through 12/06.  Still trying to get UCU to change address for statements
No January statement?  Sara will check it out
Danette’s check was returned
Yearbook- 300 copies being printed.  Total cost  $1,081.92 
            Possibility of printing yearbook every other year?
            Not a good year to do it, (UB Grants), but something to consider in future years.
            Setup costs always the major expense, although Steve indicated that it was submitted
Ginny has $80-100 for deposit

COE donation has been adjusted to $2,000 to cover the added expense of printing

Policy Seminar costs are projected to be higher ~$6,400

Income is slightly above budget

$500 check will be cut next week for MEEOA conference deposit.

Conference (Ginny)

Hilton Garden Inn at Freeport is the site of 2007 conference
Oct 22-24th
$99 per night.  Nice rooms
Dinner cost:  $26-$30 per person
Centrally located to businesses/restaurants in Freeport
Monday registration a little later and the day will be used for gathering.
Tuesday-Full day
Soliciting support from MELMAC and FAME to offset costs
Judy is considering approaching LL Bean to do an outdoor activity
Linda mentioned that Ben and Jerry’s might be a possible donor of ice cream for the potluck

Steve wondered if we should start looking at a possible site for 2008—could we “re-use” Freeport if it turned out to be a good venue

Policy Seminar  (3/10-3/13) (Steve)
Steve has made reservations. Tiffani Verdell and Moira Kelley are the TRiO alums who will be representing us at seminar

Meetings have been scheduled.  Much going on on the hill that day, but Steve thinks they can get an audience with everyone. Snowe’s schedule is VERY tight that day.

Meetings will begin at 10:15—4:15

NEOA DINNER Tuesday night after rally

Talking points are not out, but these are the major topics:

            UB Absolute Priority
            Budget Increase
            Prior experience points

Steve will submit costs to treasurer when he has them together

Sara reminded that she needs receipts for records

Hall of Flags
No days available.  Could we share a day with another organization (Maine Teacher of the Year)? Steve will follow up with this
If we cannot find someone to share, Steve proposes that we not attend the event this year.
First week of April is the only feasible time (although school vacation time would be another possibility)

 Membership Committee
            Twenty paid members

Old Business

Bylaws Review (Sara)

Steve wanted to look at several priority issues

Sara retitled document “Constitution and Bylaws”

L18-  “Physical handicap” struck and replaced with “and/or disabilities”
L23- Clean up wording on officers/executive committee
            President, president elect, secretary and treasurer
Executive committee consists of the officers and the immediate past   president, “who will serve as state liaison and the conference chair” 

Karen notes that this gives appointed members voting rights, where they never had that right before.  Membership chair should not be part of Executive chair

Sara:  Should state liaison be appointed as opposed to being a natural transition from President to State Liaison

Linda-  Is there wording covering presence of At Large Member coming to Board meetings (This is covered under the Ad Hoc provision of the constitution
            L31 (p. 3)  Clarified President-elects roles


            L10 (p.4)  Past president chairs the nomination/election committee
                           Karen brings up the point that a voting member of the board should not be
                           Chairing the committee
                           Nominating committee should be someone outside the board
                           2006 Nominating procedure- some members felt like the nominations held
                           during the conference were a false gesture, since the slate of nominees was
                           already chosen
                            Linda- Format for nominating committee.  Advise membership of current
Slate of candidates to be included in the conference registration packet
Should we be sending a copy of board meeting minutes to be sent out to the membership

                          Provide an open call to membership to “step up” for nominations

                          Linda- Past president and chair of membership would be co-chairs of the
                                     Nominating committee
              Ginny- We need to do a better job of identifying and indoctrinating new 
               Members of the association

              Resolutions:  add “co-chair” to L2 of p.4
                                    Add “co-chair” to L7

              Karen will prepare a nomination packet of information to be presented at
              Next meeting, including nomination form.

L19 (p.4)  Change “five signatures of professional members…” to “three
Before annual meeting starts, a self-nominee must solicit these three signature
Are leadership institute graduates expected to fill leadership roles within the association?

Linda – Can nomination committee nominate themselves to leadership positions?  YES

            L21 (p.4)  leave with secret ballots and add for any contested positions

Reviewed NEOA wording for nomination procedure

When should slate of candidates be presented? Is electronic submission of slate acceptable?

Karen:  Ballot form is blank, final slate of candidates is presented (including late

L25 (p.4) Change language to include the validity of electronic submission of 
                      Add language that only paid members in good standing are voting members


These changes will be made asap will be presented both at NEOA and electronically for membership consideration

            Sara- Fiscal Policy can be decided upon by the board, since it is policy and not part
            Of by-laws/constitution


TriO Achievers Booklet

            Few additional nominees since last meeting

Leadership Institute

Institute future:  Continuation  of program as it has been in the past

Current attendees think it’s going well (Steve has spoken to Sandra and Rusty about
Their experience)

Director position has been posted .  Looking for someone with TriO experience 

Classes tend to be fluid in number until July.  Needs to be ten attendees to make the
Institute viable for the year.

Steve notes that few Maine members have attended the Leadership.  Directors are
Key to nominating new  members

            What are expectations for graduates of the program

New Business                       

            Sara presented SSS talking points

            Agenda for State meeting-  Anything other than by-law changes?
                                                       Encourage members to pursue a leadership
                                                       Anjelica Viacondo  (COE)  would like to address
                                                       Each delegation
                                                       Encourage membership
                                                       Update membership on board activities

Future Meetings:

April 26th- Conference Call
May 24th                    

MEEOA can cover the cost of the conference call


Meeting adjourned :  12:07


Respectfully Submitted,

Lori C. Wingo