MEEOA Board Meeting February 10, 2006
Minutes Chadbourne Hall
University of Maine

Board members in attendance: Steve Visco, Faith Erhardt, Linda Ives, Mary Fraser and via speakerphone from Presque Isle, Danette Madore, Tammy Ward and Velma Murphy. Karen Keim joined us briefly to report on membership.

Meeting called to order at 10:16am

Minutes from the January meeting were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report – postponed to March meeting due to Sarah’s absence

Policy Seminar - Danette

Nominations being considered: from SSS Pam Powell Chamberlain, from UB Mary Bragdon White and Ben Reed and Jane Sprague (sp?). As Pam is already based in DC, the possibility of bringing 3 or 4 participants was discussed, final decision dependent on review of budget with Sarah. The nominations will be put out to the board next week.

Danette will schedule appointments with ME legislators. Registration and travel arrangements for Danette and Steve to be made individually and reimbursed. Arrangements for alums to be determined once participants are identified.

Membership – Karen Keim

MEEOA – Karen is updating the member form with the new logo and will add descriptions of different membership types, i.e. individual, program, institution. Once completed, the form should be available online to disentangle membership from conference registration. Karen also created a list of 10 reasons to be a MEEOA member to be sent to new and returning people with a save-the-date for the next conference included. Karen proposed a conversation at the state meeting at NEOA to review membership types, especially program memberships as an allowable expense and individual memberships not. Steve recommended a cost analysis be done to determine how changes in membership type would affect membership income in the budget.

NEOA – Kristi has been updated on recent adds/deletes in the Maine membership.

Talking Points/Fact Sheets – Faith and Steve

Faith asked for review and updates of the talking points sheet that it on the MEEOA website. All agreed that it is a good overall summary, essentially what will be included in the new brochure when printed.

Linda Ives completed a fact sheet for Upward Bound, Steve completed one for Talent Search and created a combined UB and TS sheet for specific use in response to the budget threat. The EOC sheet is near completion and Jerry Ellis is updating the SSS sheet. The fact sheets will be sent out to the list serves for use in the community. The board agreed that they should also be posted to the MEEOA website.

Yearbook – Faith and Steve

Steve updated the program pages for the yearbook; Faith is working on a Table of Contents. 16 nominations so far, deadline is Wed. 2/15. Printing will be done at UMaine

2006 Conference – Tammy and Velma

After some discussion, the dates October 11-13th were unanimously accepted.

Some theme suggestions include Harvest Achievement, Planting Seeds of Hope, Tammy and Velma will have the final decision.

Two locations were discussed, preference is for the downtown location as it can accommodate the group, meeting rooms and provide off-site activities, restaurants in walking distance.

Featured speakers will be Linda Schiller, other presenters to possibly include Jeremy Fischer (legislator for area), Lynn Miller (Edu Professor at USM).

A tentative agenda was reviewed and included a ‘regressive’ dinner on Wednesday evening. Sessions and other meals still tentative pending contract from the hotel.

There was some discussion about chartering a bus to travel up the state and collect participants along the way, the conference committee will not organize that but will encourage carpooling in member programs.

NEOA Conference – Steve and Danette

Faith will put together an advertisement for the program recognizing Dave M., will email to Danette by Feb. 17tth. Auction items and state baskets need to be gathered.

Hall of Flags - Danette

Anne St.Pierre has offered assistance in organizing it. Darelyn will put together a tentative schedule.

Discussion about involving students with the legislators for their districts included directly matching students to shadow their legislators, sitting in on morning sessions, or having students wear pins with their legislator’s name.

Danette will set a deadline for programs to submit a list of participating students and will talk with Jeremy Fischer about the legislative schedule.

The board agreed that media should be invited to highlight the budget threat and that press contacts should made now.

Budget Response

Darelyn talked to Chancellor Westphal and he has committed to write a letter in support of TRiO. Darelyn is also coordinating a joint letter from the University presidents.

Other initiatives on hold waiting for a further response from COE.

When fact sheets are sent out to the membership, suggestions for letter writing campaigns should be included so that programs can get letters ready to have on hand for Hall of Flags and other advocacy opportunities.

New Business - Steve

Steve proposed adding an ad-hoc committee to the board to draw in new members to the board leadership.

Next meeting, March 3rd.

Meeting adjourned at 12:04pm